Saturday, December 31, 2011

On the Precipice of a New Year

So Long 2011

You were a decent year.

Top 10 favorite moments:

Monday, November 21, 2011


11:11 has stood out to me for quite some time.  Maybe because it's a palindrome - I like the symmetry, or perhaps it's because I have a weird obsession with Gimetria.  (SP?)

I do!  (I just spoke this aloud; my roommate turned from the book she is  reading, confused by my outburst.)

But yes, this is an epiphianic moment for me.  It's true, I have a strange obsession with numbers. 

But then again, so did the writers of the Bible.

The writer of Matthew even went as far as fibbing some of the genealogy line to Jesus, so that there could be 3 nice sets of 14.  He skipped a few people, just for the sake of presentation, or because the number 14 is the number that represents King David.

And then there is the symbolism of 12.  And the symbolism of 7 - a number of wholeness and completion.  I was hoping that the 7th guy I kissed would be "the one" but then 8 and 9, came along and now I'm hoping for 10 to be the final.

As I explained to number 5, pre kiss, if I kiss you, then I have to start counting on my other hand the number of guys I've kissed.  For some reason I was hesitant, but the summer air in Hollywood convinced me otherwise.  Or maybe it was his motorcycle or pausing to dance in the middle of street, well after cars had ceased to parade through the neighborhood.

That night he suggested we get married.

I laughed.  And perhaps in doing so, hurt his feelings and confidence.

He recovered, by stating, "I just thought it sounded romantic."

The fling lasted no more than a month after that night.

He explained to me over an e-mail that he was moving to New York.

Funny how I also live in New York, yet it doesn't matter anymore.  Time has taken us our separate directions.

But 11:11, well that's a time that still stands out in my mind.

Because it is a wishing time.  Or so my friend Emily from California once told me.

And funny, that I never got to to what this post intended to be about - the night of 11.11.11... a birthday party in the Lower East Side at the Mercury Lounge...

But perhaps it's best that I skip the events of that evening, because although it started well, it didn't end well.  There was no dance that evening, yet the dance must somehow find a way to continue on.

I think I need a new time.  Perhaps 10:10 is better suited for me. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gallery Girls

Last night my director friend texted me around 10 pm, insisting that I join him.  I had already determined that I was going to call it an evening, but when it comes to social happenings I'm easily swayed... and so I put my black boots and my coat back on and headed down 34th Street.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Soho on a Saturday Night

Soho = South of Houston.  Houston, pronounced house-ton, is a street that cuts across Manhattan Island.

For the longest time I had no idea what Soho meant - perhaps because I rarely spent time in the area.  But then I met this guy who resides in Soho, and this past month I've ended up at his place every weekend.  To clarify, not in the stay the night sort of way.  But rather he has hosted events and conversations.

And last night.his roommate threw a Halloween Costume Party and for some reason I was invited.  To be honest, I don't think I should have been invited, but I was and since I was, I wasn't going to miss it.  So my friend Sally Ann (dressed as a viking) and I (dressed as an Indian) took the subway downtown to Prince Street.

We made a friend along the way - he was dressed as a carton of milk, with a sign that stated, "I'm am the 1%, Occupy the Fridge."  He was a med student at Yale and got off at the subway just before ours.  I'm regretting now that we didn't exchange any info, or even names.  But I did catch the names of several others that I met throughout the evening.

Emmitt was the most memorable.  He's oringally from Lake Forest, Illinois, and played tennis and golf in high school, and well, I can't really tell you much else about him, except he's a great dancer and we spent much of the evening out on the dance floor together... hot - yes.  But I knew he wasn't for me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Debut on ESPN

At 9:35 this evening I received the following text: Your mug and name was just on ESPN.
The text was from Bryan Devonshire - Professional Poker Player Extraordinaire.  I met up with him and his fiance in Las Vegas on my roadtrip cross country over the summer.

It just so happened to be during the World Series Poker Tournament Days 7 & 8.  And it just so happened that I was able to stick around long enough to see Bryan finish 12th out of over 6,000 players who entered the competition at $10,000 pot.  Evidently the camara caught a few shots of me while I was there - but Bryan also said my name was mentioned, which means that he probably talked about me in an interview. 
That's CRAZY - this is the same guy who taught me how to surf  back in 2002 when I worked at Forest Home summer camp in So Cal.

Professional poker playing is an interesting "sport" - to say the least.  Some may look down on this "sport," but I can't help but wonder if poker players are much different from entrepreneurs who take financial risks in hopes to someday gain a profit.  Hmmm...

I told my roomie Shannen the news when she returned to our apartment after and she told me the news, "I think I just got hit on... in the women..."

"What?  Are you serious?!?!"

Shannen nodded yep, and explained that one of the woman told her, "You're cute.  What floor do you live on?"  Shannen cautiously answered the question and the same woman continued on introducting her to the other, "This is Joanna, she's new here..."

Shannen is a wee bit traumatized.  I would be too.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Serendipity Defined:

Serendipty Experienced:

The Great Lawn Central Park
VIP Section Black Eyed Peas Concerts
The stage in front of us, 50,000 people and the city lights behind us


Connect Four
101 West 75th St # 1, New York, NY

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anberlin & Switchfoot

September 25
Facebook Status Says: yes i have tickets... but not to the gun show... heading up broadway to the atomic tom, anberlin, and switchfoot show... yay! 

September 23
Thought: Gosh, there are a lot off good looking men out this evening.  Oh yeah, that's right I'm in Chelsea.  Correction: There are lots of good looking gay men out this evening.
Late night dinner in Chelsea  at following all city wide worship.

September 22
Night out with my photopgrapher friends Shannen and Angi in Brooklyn at

To the boys who joined our table -Yes, there is also an 8 in the year that I was born - 1978.

September 20
Monumuental Small Group: the first small group meeting that I have ever attended where someone showed up completely wasted.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Malawi Dates

So last night around 8 pm, I get this text...

So I head two stops further downtown to arrive at Canal Street... Tribeca...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It Just Happens

And then one day it just happens.

It comes out of the blue - completely unexpected.
Well, not completely.

After all, it had been the very thing that you had been hoping for all along.
Yet, you had become skeptical.

But all of sudden it's there.  And it's magical.  And he's into you and you're into him.
And it's this instant connection sort of thing that you've heard other people talk about, but you just didn't dream to be possible.

And you're wondering, what the heck?
How did THIS happen? 
And is this for real? 

I'm thinking it is.

Congrats to my friend who met someone over the weekend! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Dog Doobie

My favorite sign in Central Park is the one next to the pond that says, "No dogs allowed in water."  It's my favorite, because to my knowledge, even seeing eye dogs are illiterate, and so the sign makes me smile as I think of a dog running right past the sign and jumping into the water, attempting to fetch a stick that an illiterate 5 year old named Billy tossed into the water.

The nearby park officer may be frustrated with the dog (named Sparky) for his blatant disregard for the sign, but really it's not Sparky's fault.  He can't read. 

I selected the name Sparky for my hypothetical dog because that was the name of my Dad's dog; he sounded like a great dog, but I never got to meet him because he was dead before I arrived on the scene.

But I did get to meet Doobie... my family took Doobie in when some lady from our church showed up up on our doorsteps in tears because she was getting married to man who already had 4 or 5 kids, and he didn't want the dog.

The woman's tears convinced my mom, and my mom convinced my Dad, and within a few months of taking Doobie into our home, we were all convinced we had made a miserable, but undoable mistake.

We probably should have read the warning signs,

I mean first of all, the dog's name is/was Doobie...

 (I understand that the sign is intended for the dog's owner; however, the sign appears to address the dog rather than the human who is accompanying the dog.)

  If I believed in reincarnation (which I don't) and came back as a dog (which, if I had to reincarnate as an animal, I'd prefer to return as a dolphin - I long as I didn't get suckered into working at Sea World.  I wouldn't want to do that for my dolphin career.  Movies on the other hand - I wouldn't mind being featured in a National Geographic documentary...)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pre Irene

Hello Irene, I'm Katrina.

I'll be working with you over the next several days.  My friends and I have been preparing for your visit ever since we learned that you were heading to the North East Coast.

Even Mayor Bloomberg and his buddies are anxiously anticipating your arrival.  They thought your visit granted a day off for many of our transit folks, so he decided to shut down the subway & bus system in honor of YOU.  That doesn't even happen at Christmas time, which just goes to show how special we think you are.

You truly are the talk of the town.  Even the media are super hyped about your arrival.  It gives them something to new to talk about - which is great because people were getting bored hearing about the debt ceiling.

Oh, and I hope you don't feel like Mr. Earthquake was trying to steal your show on Tuesday.  Think of Mr. Earthquake like John the Baptist.  Just like he prepared the way for Jesus, Earthquake helped prepare the way for you and your upcoming arrival to New York City.

The grocery stores in the city have been packed out with people these past 24 hours.  They must be getting ready to have a feast in honor of you.  It's almost like Thanksgiving - except bread and water are the top selling items rather than turkey and pumpkin pie.

PS If you would, please avoid entering through my window; I don't think you'd fit very well through it.  I'm not saying you're fat, so please don't take it that way.  My mom is just concerned that you might break it, and I already told her that you wouldn't.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tonight I was asked...

Tonight I was asked if I dated while I was in college.

I explained to the 19 year old gal who inquired, "Not really.  I dated someone from Spring Hill - the summer camp I worked at in Michigan - just before college, but he broke things off with me at the end of the summer." 

I still remember his breaking words, "Katrina, you're going to meet a lot of studs at U of M."  He kissed me on the cheek, stepped back into his SUV, and with a wave of his hand, he was gone.

He was wrong; I didn't meet any studs at U of M.  Instead I wondered about that other guy I had also met at camp that summer.  Other guy and I stayed in touch beyond the summer and he even came for a visit to Ann Arbor.  In response, I initated a visit to his campus.  However, my visit to his campus was a failure"  and it  became clear - he wasn't interested.

However, summer fling contacted with an apologetic e-mail a few days after Valentine's Day my freshman year, confessing that he had been a jerk, and wondering if maybe we could try again.

We were both going to be back at camp that summer...

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Nearly a week ago a friend that I've known since pre-school got married in my birth town of Owosso, Michgan.  I call it my birth town rather than my hometown, because I was only six years old when my parents, siblings, and I moved out of the parsonage.

Parsonage is a fancy name for a house owned by a church that the Pastor and his family get to live in for free.

We scored BIG on our parsonage.  Rather than being a the standard humble abode, we lived in a grand 4 bedroom Victorian Home that was featured each year on the city's tour of homes.

The parsonage was located across the street from the church where my Dad served as a Pastor for 7 years.   7, according to the Bible, is a number that symbolizes completion, so the number of years my Dad spent at that church might seem appropriate; however, his time ended there with a forced signature of resignation. 

Half the church left when we did, and rather than feeling complete and whole about our 7 years in Owosso, we were left broken.

Even still, for some reason, I had in my mind, that someday I would return to Owosso, and return to that same church to state my wedding vows. 

So a few years ago, when "he" told me over the phone that aside from Spring Hill, there's another place to him that is super special... and it's this town in small town in Michigan called Owosso.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Road Trip

Los Angeles

Las Vegas


Des Moines


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Final Days

Sooooooo is it wrong to pray, "Dear God, please help me find a trashy, black dress for Jaimie's bachelorette party tomorrow"?  "Quickly... and one that's not too pricey... "?

20 minutes & 15 dollars later - prayer answered at Banana Republic...

That was today.

Yesterday God blessed me with sweet surf at the south end of Huntington Beach, and then returning home to a house full of fabulous roommates - all back in town for Jaimie and Lee's wedding.

I'm not ready to leave...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Urth Caffe

Sunday nights after church I often find myself eating a late night meal with friends, or in some instances - as was the case last week - complete strangers.

The downtown location -
451 South Hewitt Street, on Hewitt and 5th, in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.
That was last week.

Tonight we ventured to LA Cafe located on Spring Street, between 6th and 7th.

I couldn't find parking nearby so I drove several blocks away until I found a metered spot (free on Sunday nights!) - right beside the sidewalk where one man was sleeping in a cardboard box and several others were setting up tents for the night.

I debated back and forth as to whether or not to drive on to another location, or to just suck it up and pay the $10 to park in a lot closer to the restuarant.

After some deliberation, I got out and quickly started towards the restaruant, doing my best to not to gag on the smell of urine that pervaded the streets leading up to Spring Street.

Two weeks ago: The Yardhouse at LA Live Staples Center
Three weeks ago: A Sushi spot in Little Tokyo

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monkey Butler

Improv 101
My 2nd week of class

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Monday, June 6, 2011

Morning 10 K Run
Barefoot, from Venice Pier to Santa Monica Pier

As I jogged up the coast towards Santa Monica, I considered the scenario... in comparison to what I see when I run up 5th Ave to Central Park.

Tonight I returned to the climbing gym, warmly welcomed (shoot, I didn't even have to pay to go to yoga class and to climb.)

And tonight when I finally arrived
Sarah's words as she opened the door and gave me a

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The words on the building stated epic, and as soon as I entered, I knew that the evening would be, somehow, epic.

Two steps inside I recognized someone I knew, talking to the doorman at the front desk.  I suppose he was getting directions to the same place I was going, so when he started walking down the hall, I followed after, and called out his name - both first and last.

He turned.

And I suddenly didn't want to take another step further.

Monday, May 30, 2011

New York Times

Memorial Day Weekend...

And no, I'm not pregnant.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 10 TSA Prohibited Items

Top 10 TSA Prohibited Items not to pack in your carry on luggage when traveling by plane:

10 Hand Grenades
9 Dumbbells/Hand Weights
8 Gel shoe inserts - Gel shoe inserts are not permitted, but shoes constructed with gel heels are allowed and must be removed and screened.
7 Chlorine for Pools and Spas
6 Gas Torches
5 Cordless Portable Power Saws
4 Bows and Arrows
3 Dynamite
2 Snow globes and like decorations regardless of size or amount of liquid inside, even with documentation.
1 Vehicle Airbags

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pinto NYC

My first year working as an RD in California, I had about 20 Laurens living in my dorm - and two of them showed up at my apartment tonight.

After a brief stay at my place, we took the 1 from Penn Station and headed downtown to the West Village for Thai Food.

Over dinner we reminisced about all the Laurens that lived in my dorm.  I had forgotten that one of them had been on Dr. Phil's - for being a shopaholic.  She also was a bro ho, and drove a big truck with big tires, and had star tattoos all over her body.

There was also another Lauren...

And then there was Lauren Holt, who eventually became one of my RAs, and when she did, she played this prank on me...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Saying Ayo!

"I want to celebrate and live my life..."  sings Taio Cruz in his song Dynamite.

And I sang the song with him around 2 AM Sunday morning (for me, it was still Saturday evening), as I was out at a pub called...

I mean, he wasn't Taio wasn't actually present, but his music was blaring throughout the place.
And even though it wasn't a dance club, my friends and I made a corner of the pub into one...

We were there celebrating the birthday of a friend of mine who is in my small group. 

It was my 3rd small group outing in the same week.
Tuesday I ended up at....

Thursday I got lost, but eventually ended up at...

To be honest, I thought I was going to someone's home, so I was a bit confused when I arrived at the address, and discovered a Sports Bar.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Instant Connection

"And there was this instant connection."

I was on laying out on the rooftop of our 25 story building, listening to a guy friend of mine tell me about this girl that he had recently met.

I held my cell phone close to my ear...


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Middle East Gate

In the words of REM, "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine."

I do feel fine; however, it's not the end of the world.  Once again someone predicted incorrectly the 2nd coming of Christ.  What's funny to me is that people predict at all, when clearly the Bible says no one shall no the day or the hour.  But in 1988 I didn't know about that verse in the Bible and so I thought it was for real going to happen - and the thought occurred to me - I'll never have to go to school and take another test AGAIN. 

But oh, no.  Jesus didn't come back, and 23 years later I'm still having to go to school and take tests.  Jesus, please save me from this hell.  If you're on Hawaii time, you still have several hours to fulfill this prophecy - I say, lets do it!  Or at least before finals week (June 5-10). 

I will say, that pondering the end of the world makes you consider your life and if you might do anything differently.  And really, I can't say there's a whole ton that I would do differently.  (Although, I'll admit, for a brief moment last night, I considered that perhaps I should elope so I can experience the sex benefits of marriage before I go.  But I realized finding a willing party on such a short notice might be difficult - well, a willing party, that I'd willingly want to have sex with... ) 

But I think this is a good thing that's there's not a whole ton that I would do differently. 

Because it means that the life I'm living isn't one that I'd someday look back on with regret.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ticket to Vegas

Tonight, sometime after midnight, I got into a conversation with a couple of students about tipping at Starbucks.  (Confession: I don't typically tip at Starbucks - but then again, I don't typically pay with cash and it's hard to tip a portion of your debit card.  I suppose I could clip off a small corner of my Bank of America card with my nailclippers that I always keep in my purse, and place the plastic in the jar; however, I don't the barsistas would find much value in or appreciation for my thoughtful act.)

But in this tipping conversation I asked, "What percentage of cumstomers do you think leave a tip?"  One said probably 10%, and the other agreed that sounded about right - because, she insisted, that is about the same percentage amount of people that tip street performers. 

She then explained the break down of the street performance audience, in a very factual sort of way.  And so I asked, "How do you know this?"  I thought perhaps she had conducted some research for some paper for some class, and was presenting the "data" from a nationwide street performance study conducted in New York, Santa Monica, and in Key West. 

That wasn't the case.  Instead, she explained, "Oh, because I've done a lot of street performing."  She went on to tell me how she occaionally taps for money.  And I told her that maybe I should try that too as an additional source of income to help pay off my student loans.  (Hmmm... dance for money?)

Somehow the conversation transitioned from street performing to the television show So You Think You Can Dance.  As it turns out this student had auditioned a couple of seasons ago and in doing so she got a "ticket to Vegas," where she continued on through many rounds of tryouts - and made it rather far in the competition.

She didn't make it to the top 20 this particular time around, but she's considering auditioning again in the future. 


Because, she explained...

In Vegas, one of the co-producers insisted that the guys that are auditioning, even if they're gay, need to perform and act masculine on and for this show.

The same co-producer also insisted, that the women need to accentuate their feminity as much as possible by always being done up (make & such) and in the way they dress. 

And I walked back to 34th Street pondering that fact that there is a television show where producers know that the gay life style doesn't "sell." 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Assertive - eh?

Tonight I spoke with a guy friend of mine who told me several years ago, "Katrina, if you wanted to be married you could be."  He went on to insist, "You're just not applying myself."

I'm not sure what he means by "applying myself."  But funny that he would say that because he also mentioned to me at one point that he thought I was assertive - too assertive for him.  Which, to be honest, devastated me.  I cried a bit and told my dad on the phone that I finally know what's wrong with me, and why I'm still single.  I explained my "sin."  I'm too assertive.

Later my guy friend explained that he didn't mean anything negative by the "a" word.  And that if you look at the Proverbs 31 woman, she's an assertive woman.

However, I started to make a point to become less assertive - at least in my interactions with men.

Because even though most guys agree that the Proverbs 31 woman is great - I'm convinced they don't really want to be with someone who is that competent and has her shit together to such a high a degree that it makes the guy feel incompetent and not good enough for that woman.

(My current boss recently told me that he wishes that I would have been more assertive and spoken up...)

Which brings me to this question:
Guys, would you rather...

Because honestly, I think you'd prefer the parking ticket because that would only cost money - not the trust and respect that you desire as a man...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Vogue

Last night (Wednesday) I met a published poet at the Borders located at Madison Square Garden...

And yet another business card is added to my collection. 

Earlier in the evening I met up with some of my Student Leaders at where they discussed and wrestled through the same topic that I'm currently wrestling with in my graduate studies...

And it was during our discussion that I received a text from my boss, insisting that I read my e-mail immediately.  I'm still lagging behind in technology, but one of my student leaders pulled up her e-mail and read the news...

It is a roof top that I've become well acquainted with this year...
And last time I was there I sent a text to someone else who was familiar with its scenic views...

And the text started a dialogue that made me hopeful that perhaps we could return to the friendship that we once had.  But I'm starting to acknowlege sometimes even friendships must come to a close, and in that closure there is the possibility of something new...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

College Confessions

Last week I met with a college student and she told me that in heaven she'd like to have a place next door to King David's.

She explained, "I have a Biblical crush on King David." 

"Really?"  I inquired.

"Yeah.  Because if the Bible says you're attractive you must be REALLY attractive."

Hmmm.  I hadn't considered that before.  However, I had considered that Jesus is ugly.

Because the Bible says, "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him."  Isaiah 53:2

Okay, so maybe not ugly, but certainly Jesus didn't fall in the category of "hot."

"Yeah, but he probably still had a nice body."  The college student argued.  "After all, he was a carpenter and was probably was in great shape."

Good point.

Okay, so this post might be slightly sacrilegious (to religious people), but I think God would find it rather amusing.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prince Street

Take the N downtown.

Get off at Prince Street.

Exit Near Intersection of Broadway & Prince St.

Start going South East on Prince St.

Turn Right onto Elizabeth St.

Arrive at 210 Elizabeth St.

I was on my way to Public Restaurant to meet a businessman for dinner - not for business reasons, but rather because we had hit it off a couple of weekends ago and he suggested that we meet up again.

So we convened in Soho for an elegant dinner followed by a taxi cab ride to a nearby rooftop lounge called Jimmy's  He (my date) had stopped by Jimmy's earlier in the day to secure our entrance to this exclusive venue.  He successfully got us on "the list" and so upon our arrival we were immediately welcomed into the building and taken up to the eighteenth floor.

As we stepped off the elevator we were greeted with astonishing views of the city.  We partook in drinks and conversation, until the chill of the evening air prompted my date to suggest that we head to our final destination.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wrong Guy

The wrong guy said it, but even so, I'll take it. 

Because it's nice to know you're missed.

It's nice to know that someone somehow values you enough to say those words.

I can't say I miss him.  But I did think of him last week. 

I hope that counts for something. 

The fact of the matter is, I don't know him well enough to miss him, but I did appreciate some of our conversations that we had around this time a year ago.  We could get on the phone and pass time like it was nothing. 

Kind of like the one guy that I do miss, who I haven't talked to on the phone in what seems like ages.  Although when he and I get on the phone, it seems like we only half finish every story, because our mutual, tangential ADD tendencies carry our conversations anywhere and everywhere - even to Meijers, Chinese food, and ultimate frisbee.

But one of our more memorable phone conversations was the time when he was telling me about his Grandma who had passed away.  He shared with me that his Grandma was a great woman of faith.  He went on and on explaining his adoration for this woman who had left a spiritual imprint and legacy on his life and on his entire family. 

He told me, "I feel like people like my Grandma never really die.  It's more like God reaches out his hand and ushers them into his presence.  It's more of a peaceful step, rather than a death." 

I never had the opportunity to meet his Grandma, but listening to him talk about her made me want to be like her some day.  She is missed, that I am certain, but even so, her presence remains because of the life of faith that she lived.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

It's Good Friday, but rather than reflecting on Jesus' death, I've been reflecting on Gian Paul (pronounced J-on Paul) and Francois and the Young Life/Spring Hill skit called Light and Fluffy.

I know, it's probably somewhat sacrilegious for me to devote more energy pondering a camp skit rather than Jesus' death on the cross.  However, I'll argue that the two are intertwined, because if there was no Good Friday, there would be no Young Life or Spring Hill or a ridiculous camp skit called Light and Fluffy.

(To be continued...)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Forget You

If only I could...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Marshall Stack

Tonight I was told that my life is far more interesting than General Hospital.  I was told this over fondue at my friend Mellie's studio apartment in the Lower East Side, just prior to making our way to a nearby pub.

Marshall Stack
66 Rivington St # A
New York, NY 10002

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday morning I found myself in a vehicle with a detective, speed racing through the city with the car's lights and sirens paving our way through traffic.  We took over the bus lane, and sped through red lights, causing entire avenues of traffic to stop - just for us - in our race back to...

Well, let's just be honest here... he was just dropping me back off at my apartment.  But it certainly made for an adventursome morning drive.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Dear New York City,

In breathing in the air tonight, it appears that there has been some confusion.   To clarify, today is 4.12, not 4.20.  Now I understand that hannukah is celebrated for 8 days, but the 8 day duration of hannukah does not apply to 4.20.  Although some of the students I work with may appreciate such an extension, the parents of prospective students I work with do not.

In the future, please take your pre 4.20 celebration activity to Amsterdam where it is 4.20, 365 days a year.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


Self-Censored Facebook Status

"although i am german, i will never be a systematic theologian; however, i will gladly embrace my german heritage by other means... such as by drinking a cold beer on a saturday night..."

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Plaza Hotel

I've been told (and acknowledge) that I'm random - too a fault.

However, sometimes being random is great, because even I don't where I'll end up on any given day.
For instance, this evening.  I watched a dance performance at ___________

After the performance...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last Friday I was thrilled to get into an online class that I had been wait listed to get in.

And then I listened to the first lecture and understood immediately why so many people had dropped out of the class, enabling me to get in.

I immediately regretted my acceptance into the class, but there was nothing I could do - I was screwed.  I had to take the class because Friday was also the absolute last day to register for classes - as well as the last day to drop the less than desirable ones without any financial consequence. 

So I'm stuck listening to this professor all semester who I can hardly understand because his accent is so thick.  I don't want to make this out to be or sound racist.  I have plenty of friends and acquaintances from all around the world - some with fabulous accents, that can, at times, be challenging to understand.  However, I don't pay money to listen them talk, nor do they make take exams on what they say.

You may think I'm exaggerating.  I promise.  I'm not.

In fact, a King's student worker dropped by my cubicle this evening as I was listening to yet another miserable lecture.

She came to inquire, "What language is that in?"

I placed the lecture on pause and explained, "It's English - with a really heavy accent."

"Really?  I thought you were listening to a lecture in Estonian or something.  I was like wow - Katrina must be so smart."

Shoot.  Maybe I should have played it off... it's always good to have the students you work with think you're smart...

I haven't told my dad the news yet, but I know he'll get a kick out of it - and then he'll say something about how he always requests a different doctor when he gets one that he can't understand.

My dad's a great man - and funny.

Last time I was wait listed for a class, and asked my dad to pray that I'd get in, he was thoroughly confused.  Rather than wait listed, he thought I was trying to get into a weightlifting class.  He couldn't understand first off, why I would want to take a weightlifting class, and secondly, why in the world would Fuller Theological Seminary be offering such a class.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

33rd Street

"I can’t believe you’re doing this!”  I heard the words through sobbing cries, but I didn’t know where the voice was coming from.  I took a few more steps and turned to see a man and a woman and tucked away on a less than private cement stairwell on 33rd Street, not too far from Madison Square Garden.

The woman continued on through her tears, “I gave up EVERYTHING to come here to be with you…”

She carried on, distraught, while he sat with a numb look on his face, displaying no emotion at all.  He already knew he was an a** hole (or so that is my interpretation), so he took the beating by his now ex-girlfriend, or perhaps ex-fiancĂ© without much response.

Then again, I didn’t linger to hear any more of their break up conversation, so I can’t say for certain whether or not he offered a rebuttal.  Instead, I maintained my pace and continued down 33rd Street with my eyes fixed on the Empire State Building. 

I considered for a moment that maybe I should go back, and see if she wanted to talk or go for coffee or drinks later on.  But the timing seemed terrible, and I’m thinking I would have creeped her out, like the man who creeped me out at the bus stop my freshmen year of college – the one who passed by the bus stop several times and then finally came up to me,  handing me a small piece of paper.  He explained, “I couldn’t help but notice you – I would love to take out for coffee some time.  Here’s my number.”  I think he was 27 – I was 18.

But I felt bad for this woman who was probably in her mid-30s.  I couldn’t imagine moving to a city like New York for someone else and for someone else’s dreams - only to have that someone say, “See ya later.”

With the Empire State Building in view it was easy for me to remember why God brought me here – to be a part of what he is doing in and through the lives of college students at The King’s College. 

I pondered the woman’s words, and the reality that I gave up EVERYTHING to be here too, but I came because of God – because I trust him.  But what is different, is that I know He’ll never say, “See ya later.”  I’m so thankful that God has got my back no matter what happens or where I go in life. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011


My sister called and left me a voice mail today...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Surf Kailua

Today's surf spot can viewed on The Latest Episode of Hawaii 50

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Number 33

Today I saw a double rainbow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Expectations

When I was in high school I was assigned to read the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

I can't remember at all what the book was about, but I do remember talking to my Dad about the text, and him telling me that he didn't like the book - that he had all these great expectations going into reading the book, only to be disappointed by its content. I'd imagine that I was less than satisfied with the book as well, but I don't think I had any expectations going into the read. It was English class, so if anything, I expected to be bored.

Tonight I posed on my facebook status the question, if God asked you the question, "what do you want me to do for you?" (mark 10:51), how would you reply?

It got me thinking, that more often than not, we don't pose our requests and hopes to God. I think, for fear that we'll be let down. Perhaps we subliminally think that if we place no expectations, than we'll be safeguarded from disappointment.

But what if we're missing out on more that God has and wants to offer us - because we didn't ask.

The thing is, with God - the God of the universe - we should have Great Expectations. We should be expectant.

On Sunday my pastor posed the questions:
As we enter the season of Lent, what are your expectations of Jesus?

What are you hoping for in him?

How can our lives be different because of him?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Friday morning New York City woke up to the tragic news of the earthquake that shook Japan.

When I stepped off the elevator in the Empire State Building, in front of me, a television screen shone with images of the devastation.

I paused only for a moment, to take it in; after all, I had a meeting I had to get to. (We always have something more seemingly pressing - don't we?)

And so I started my walk down the long hallway to the meeting room, and as I did, I passed by a coworker that I know only by name. We exchanged polite hellos. But after he passed 5 or 6 steps, he turned back around to continue the conversation saying, "You know, I keep running into ****"

To which I replied, "Oh really?"

"Yeah. He told me to tell you that he says hello."

"Oh, well thanks."

We continued on in our separate directions.

And I considered, maybe he hasn't forgotten about me after all.

I entered the conference room and the facilitator of the meeting started by saying, "Let's take some time to pray for Japan."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jury Duty

I'd like to think that yesterday was a rather successful day.

Reason being: I successfully got out of jury duty.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tulip Ceremony

Location: Empire State Building, the 15th floor

I find it rather fascinating that the students that I work with in NYC established tonight a tradition comparable to a tradition that I left behind in California. This evening the girls I work with held what they called the Tulip Ceremony, honoring those who have been nominated for student leadership positions for the following year.

And so tonight I am reminded of a story that I posted on facebook nearly two years ago. But when I posted that story, the thought had not yet crossed my mind that maybe the stranger in the story was actually an angel. I can't say that I'm 100% sure that he was; however, I'm inclined to believe that it was an angel that I crossed paths with that day.

However, I'll let you decide.

The Day I Got My Rose:

My final Saturday at CBU I was out for a run, and on my way back to campus there was this man standing on the side of the sidewalk, evidently waiting for me. As I neared him, he extended out in front of me a single, wrapped, red rose. I turned down my headphones and stopped running to see what the rose was all about.

“This is for you. I want you to have it.” He placed the rose in my right hand and sealed his gift with the words, “God Bless.” To be honest, I was rather dumbfounded, yet deeply moved by his gesture. I mean, I’ve been running for years now, and never before has anyone tried to give me a rose while I’ve been out for a jog.

And for me, a rose isn’t just a rose. So I ask, “Did God lay this on your heart to give to me?”

And he replies, “I saw you running. And I thought you were beautiful, so I went and got it for you. I just wanted you to have it.” There was a sincere gentleness in his presence and in his words; there was nothing shady about him.

On the verge of tears, I tell him, “Thank you. It really means a lot to me. It really does.”

“Well, have a good day. God Bless.” He didn’t try to prolong the conversation or try to get my phone number; it was clear, the rose was not an attempt to hit on me. He turned one way and started on his way, and I turned the other way, looking down at the rose. And I started to weep.

And the tears continued to roll gently down my face as I jogged the rest of the way back to campus holding the red rose in my right hand.

Because for me, a rose isn’t just a rose. It is so much more.

You see, four years ago my RAs started this tradition called the Rose Ceremony - inspired by The Bachelor - to welcome the incoming RA staff. Dressed up, both staffs meet at the gazebo in the James Courtyard for the ceremony. There is an air of excitement as each incoming RA is called forward to accept a rose from a current RA, repeat a set of vows, and is then pronounced Miss 1D, 3B or whatever hall it is that they will be taking over the following year.

In that moment, when they receive their rose, there is great anticipation of what lies ahead. And although it there is much unknown and much uncertainty, there is also much confidence that God has great and beautiful things in store.

So for me, a rose isn’t just a rose. Receiving that rose on that Saturday was one of the most intimate, and personal encounters I have ever had with God. It wasn’t about getting a rose from some guy, but rather it was about God extending his love and care for me in a real and tangible way, and assuring me that there are great things to come.

Throughout my faith journey there have been times that I have questioned this so called “personal” relationship with God. Not that I have ever doubted what Jesus did on the cross for me, but rather there have been times where my relationship with God has felt rather impersonal. But let this story be a testimony – the God of the universe loves you and cares about you – deeply and intimately.

Friday, March 4, 2011

City Nights

You know you're out with a good looking guy when a gay man checks out your date and exclaims, "Wow."

The evening started at

From there we headed to 338 East 6th Street
Awash: Fine Ethiopian Cuisine

And then to a pub in East Village called The Edge located at 95 East 3rd St where we joined his coworkers for a birthday celebration.

And that's where this girl sought me out of the crowd and said, "Hi, you must be _____'s girlfriend. I'm _______. I recognize you from the pictures."

Girlfriend - eh? That's news to me.
I didn't think I was his girlfriend. Nor did I think that he thought that I was his girlfriend.

He didn't hear the girl say the "G" word, but the next person we ran into asked him, "So is this your girl."

He replied by saying, "Maybe."

So I had no choice but to pull the girl card on our walk to union station. I needed to know what the heck we were.

And so we clarified that no, I am not his girlfriend and he is not by boyfriend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk

This evening (well, make that yesterday evening - it's currently 3:30 AM EST as I write) as I was running through Central Park, the pavement caught my attention.

The words Become Your Dream were spelled out with sidewalk chalk on the paved pathway leading up to the boathouse. I had to stop to read the words because only the words Become and Dream were horizontal. Like in scrabble, or a crossword puzzle, the word "your" connected the two words together. The y just above the o, spelling down to the r in dream.

As I continued on so did the writing. The words repeated themselves over and over.

Become Your Dream.

Become Your Dream.

Become Your Dream.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It is said that the early bird catches the worm. No wonder I'm a night owl. I hate worms.

How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell where this kid Billy take on the challenge of eating 15 worms in 15 days - all for the reward of $50.

One time, my friends and I put a worm in our friend Ramey's burger...

- a book that I think my teacher read in 4th grade, along with Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011


in·dom·i·ta·ble [in-dom-i-tuh-buhl]
that cannot be subdued or overcome, as persons, will, or courage; unconquerable: an indomitable warrior.

Today on our way home from Vienna, we briefly stopped in Washington D.C. And while we were waiting for our depature to NYC...

Friday, February 18, 2011


Current facebook status: Katrina Blank is off to Vienna for the weekend.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lead Actor

Tonight I was reminded of a quote that use to hang on my wall in my office back in CA:

YOU are always the lead actor of your life... and YOU have a tremendous impact on how that plays out. ~ Erwin McManus

I explained this quote to a student of mine this evening, and as I did, I moved two chess pieces around on the coffee table in front of me...

And as we chatted about her future, I insisted that she has take ownership of her decisions - that I can't make those choices for her...

I'd be there to support her, and to encourage her, but ultimately she has to want it, and want it enough to follow through...

Tonight I posted Erwin's quote on facebook, and a topnotch editor "liked" my status - all that much more convicting me, that I'm not doing what I need to do when it comes to the pursuit of writing.

I met with another student earlier in the day, and she shared with me that when she was younger she wanted to

(to be finished...)

but she didn't because she was scared.

I wonder how often our fears keep us from opening our souls to the world, by attempting something new or exploring unknown territory - or even a relationship.

It's much easier maintain our present course - the course we already know.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

I've only had a boyfriend once my entire life of Valentine's day. It was back in middle school, and it was one of my longer relationships (okay, so it was one of my only relationships.) We dated almost an entire week. And as fate might have it, it was the week of February 14th. The boy bought me candy, I think. I dumped him 2 days later because for some reason things just weren't working out. I learned a few years ago that he's gay.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sex & Eyebrows

I intended to save it for marriage - specifically for my honeymoon. But I'm nearing 33 years old and I simply can't wait any longer, hoping that someday someone will choose me as his "the one."

I had to do this for me. Even though I wanted it for us - the reality is, there is no "us" and there is no guarentee that there ever will be. The sex I'm still reserving for my hypothetical honeymoon, but the place I'd been saving for sex is now the location where I'll be celebrating my 33rd Birthday.

Hawaii here I come!!!

And on this topic, here's an excerpt I wrote several years ago:

“Katrina you’re getting too old not to be plucking your eyebrows. You really need to start shaping them”

Thanks mom. I’m also getting too old not to be having sex. What’s wrong with my eyebrows? It’s not like I have a una-brow or anything like that. And I’ve seen the horrendous effects of excessive plucking and accidental waxing. Eyebrows are already weird enough, but then women go and make them look even weirder. I just don’t get it.

My mom expressed her concern about my eyebrows the same year that my dad sat me down and told me that he and my mother would really like for me to go in and see a gynecologist. I told them I would, but only if they paid for it. I didn’t have health insurance at the time and I wasn’t about to fork over money to be molested in the name of medicine.

They agreed to pay and so for my 24th birthday they gave a trip to the gynecologist. To this day, it’s the most unique and worst birthday present I’ve ever received.

I finally conceded to shaping my eyebrows at the age of 29, and even signed up for another gynecologist appointment on my own. Gosh, I must be making my parents proud.

But when I went in to see the doctor (a female doctor this time), she told me that the pap test wasn’t really necessary. Mainly because it’s nearly impossible to get cervical cancer or an STD when you aren’t and never have been sexually active. That’s right. I’m a 30 year old virgin.

She performed the test anyway just in case I fall in the .0000000000001 percent of the population that contract cervical cancer without having sex. I received the results in the mail a week later, and sure enough - I passed! I proudly showed my test results to several of my coworkers, successfully making my friend Rick feel horribly uncomfortable.

I’m hoping my virginity will someday get me somewhere in life – like on Jay Leno or better yet, on Reality Series called “Who wants to marry a Virgin.” I’ve thought this show through very carefully. My second hottest guy friend will host the show, and of course, I will be the virgin.

(But I can't post the concept for the show online for fear that the idea will be stolen...)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Moon

Dear Moon,

Tonight you smiled down on me while I was running in Central Park. Thanks for your encouragement. I needed it.

For some reason I’ve been feeling “off” the past few days – okay, make that the past few weeks, but yesterday I felt especially “off.” It was as if satan himself was standing next to me making me feel miserable. He does that from time to time, well maybe not him, but his friends do make their rounds and feed me lies when I’m feeling most vulnerable.

I called my parents back in Michigan and told them that I was homesick, to which my Dad replied, “Oh, that’s nice. You miss your mom and dad.”

“No,” I corrected him. “I’m California homesick. I miss palm trees.”

He laughed, and so did I, but I wasn’t joking. I miss Southern California – A LOT.

A month ago, I thought for sure I’d be sticking around NYC the next couple of years, but now I’m not so sure…

Regardless Moon, I’m thankful that you come with me where ever I go. Shoot, you were even there in East Asia and in Africa. Huh… you’re kind of like God, aren’t you?

Well, it’s late. I must to get to bed.
Good Night Moon.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Mom & Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks, but no thanks, for the e-mail that you forwarded me entitled, "Fw: eHarmony is Free today thru February 28‏."

You'll be pleased to know that a guy I met - not through the Internet - brought me roses yesterday. However, I can not tell you yet whether or not this man plays ping pong.

Now Dad, I know a man's ping pong playing abilities is of utmost importance to you, but I hope that whoever I end up with someday you'll accept into our family regardless of whether or not he can return one of your serves.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coach Keith

Tonight I spoke with my friend Coach Keith, and he gave me the following dating advice:

Here's what you need to do: Move to Japan for the next 25 years and then come back to the States at the age of 57 and get married.

But for tonight, go on back to your place, and listen to that song by Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities - and dance around your apartment.

Coach Keith, I do love my Dashboard Confessional as well as dancing around my apartment; however, I will not be moving to Japan for the next 25 years.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Artist: God

Sometimes to see God's beauty you have to venture to new places so that God can show you new things and remind you of his character.

He has so much he wants to show you. He has so much he wants to show me. But we have to trust him enough to allow him to take us on the journey - as scary as it may seem...

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Real World

After the weekend, I now understand how the Real World comes up with enough drama to make a television show.

On Friday I headed up to Vermont with 20 other strangers from Manhattan...

Friday, January 28, 2011


There is a 5 minute sitting time limit for all furniture.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Job

"I have a really weird job." I told this to my roommate yesterday after she observed some of the unusual, yet not so atypical activity surrounding my job.

Shannen nodded in agreement and then replied, "People's lives are your job."

Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Are you here for the 90s party?" 90s party? Ah, that would explain the background music - Criss Cross will make you - Jump Jump.

"No, we're actually here to see Brenn."

The hostess at Fontanas pointed us in the direction of a door located just beyond the pool table, explaining that we would find Brenn downstairs. So my roommie Shannen and I made our way to the door, and down the stairs to the basement. And as promised, we found Brenn.

I met Brenn two summers ago when I was in Nashville, co-emceeing a wedding with Lauren Greene whom I learned much later on is the Chief religious correspondent for FOX news.

The morning wedding, followed by the reception, was held in downtown Nashville at the Hermitage Hotel. And later that evening, I met up with a friend of mine from Spring Hill Camp(Jesse Worstell) at

That's also where I met my now friend Patrick.

But tonight...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Script Continues

Sunday afternoon an acquaintance friend of mine invited me to watch The Bears game on a pub called Gael's, located on the upper east side.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Lower East Side

Doc Holliday's on a Saturday night...

Some nights I stay out later than others... last night would have been one of those nights.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure

When I was in elementary school there was this book series I loved to read called Choose Your Own Adventure.

Wikipedia explains, (since I'm too lazy to), "Each story is written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character's actions in response to the plot and its outcome."

The book covers exclaim, "You're the Star of The Story!" and that you get to choose from 30 (sometimes more) possible endings.

Several years ago I heard Erwin McManus give the same talk twice - and both times he handed out chess pieces to remind everyone

Every day we are given the opportunity to choose our own adventure. And most days, there is little adventure at all, and for some, months, or even years pass by without some sort of sense of anything... except perhaps boredom, or routine, or

This evening I chatted (on facebook) with an aquaintance who I met on a ski lift last winter while snowboarding in Southern Calfornia. He currently lives in Louisiana and creates special effects for a living. (In a couple of weeks if you watch the movie The Mechanic, you can even see his name appear on the screen when the credits role.)

Today just so happens to be his birthday and he informed me, "I celebrated by jumping in a 40 degree lake with 40 degree air outside right at the minute I was born. It was . . . brisk."

I'm not recommending that you choose to catch pneumonia or hypothermia in your attempts to live an adventuresome life, but I am saying that maybe we need to consider switching things up from time to time - doing something out of our comfort zone, or...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Don't worry. I didn't eat the brownies.

But I did spend several hours meandering about the city and touring its canals, all the while considering old e-mails from a certain someone who mentioned visiting my relatives in Germany someday.

And so on my layover in Amsterdam, on my way home from visiting relatives in Germany, I considered that he was supposed to be there with me.

But he wasn't.

But I at least I was - because a couple of months prior, I wasn't sure I would be...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fresh Footprints

In the Snow...

Central Park.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Palestine

Street parades, street performers, street vendors, homeless men, policemen, good looking men (lots of them), tourists, tourists, and...more tourists - just outside of my apartment building is one of the most active and crowded intersections in the world.

Honestly, I never know what I'll find when I walk outside my apartment building's door.

This afternoon I went out for a jog along the Hudson River and when I returned I was confronted by a group of people chanting. Their cry: Free Palestine. A larger banner explained that a Free Palestine Rally was taking place from 3 to 5.

As I passed by I thought - gosh, I really suck at knowing what's going on in the world. I didn't know that Palestine was taken, but I will say that at least I knew that Palestine was a country, and not the name of a person. ;)

A couple of years ago, I made it my New Year's resolution to stay more on top of what is happening in the world. After all, I reasoned, how can you be a world changer if you don't know what's going on it?

So I started subscribing to this magazine called The Week...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Cellar

I had back up plans - just in case I needed them.

And as I anticipated, I needed them.

I got stood up tonight.

The plans hadn't been set in stone, but the date (as in the day) had been established - the 8th.

But by 8 pm, as I was finishing up a Chinese food dinner with a friend, I still hadn't heard from him. That's when I finally acknowledged what I already knew to be true - he's just not that into me. He wasn't going to call.

But after tonight, I'm thinking should get stood up more often, because I had a really great time this evening.

My friend Melissa and I ventured into Manhattan and made some new friends along the way...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Proposal

So, the reason I haven't been writing here, is because I've been writing elsewhere.

And I attempted a post yesterday, but I thought the content was a bit inappropriate for senior citizens - not that senior citizens read my blog (well, perhaps my mom does from time to time - she and my dad love their discounted coffee from McDonald's),

I'm actually working on my Book Proposal - it's due tomorrow - not to any publisher, but rather to a Professor.

And sadly, I just ran out of Diet Coke.

I think tonight is going to be an all-nighter.

For those that are seeking a fabulous write up on my life in Manhattan, I'll tell you about the smells in Central Park.

In the summer, it smells like horse crap.
In the winter, well at least tonight, it smelled like pot.

And, if you happen to sit down on a bench beside a homeless person in Central Park, well, that a special smell all of its own.

Time for me to run next door to get some Caffeine, which by the way, I learned today ;) that excessive amounts of caffeine can cause insomnia. Huh - imagine that.

And I just drink it to help me stay awake.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Confession: I use to cut confetti for fun. I blame it on my 4th grade teacher's insistence of the three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. So, for most of 5th and 6th grade, as I watched television, I would cut up old school worksheets, reusing the paper by creating confetti.
I mention this because the other night I saw an awful lot of confetti at Times Square.

However, I can't say that I saw the ball drop. I know that sounds kind of lame to spend New Year's in New York and not do Times Square, but I didn't feel like dehydrating myself nor did I want to attempt to "hold it" for 12 hours in order to claim a viewing spot and keep it.

However, I did make it back from Brooklyn in time to walk up Broadway and ring in the California New Year in Times Square.

Interestingly enough, January 1, 2011 at 3 am was the most empty I've ever seen Times Square. There was plenty of confetti and trash littering the streets, but there were few people, aside from clean up crews and police, that were out and about by 42nd Street.

Yet I still met someone there - at about 3:03 am...

And he called today...

Monday, January 3, 2011


"It's a rather blustery day."

"It's what?" I questioned my friend's word choice because it's not a word that I've ever included in my speech.


"I don't think I've ever heard that word before."

"Really? Blustery - as in windy or gusty?"

"I mean, it sounds familiar, but I don't think I've ever used it."

Perhaps I was stupid. But that can't be it. I did too well on the GRE to be considered deficient in my definitions.

Or perhaps it was regional word - kind of like ice chest, which until I moved to California, I had always known to only be called a cooler.

So maybe my friend knew the word blustery because she grew up with the blustery Santa Ana winds. Yes, I concluded, that must be it. Because I knew it wasn't that she was an avid reader with an advanced vocabulary.

In fact, she confessed to me that she hardly ever reads books. Her reasoning: "There are other things I'd rather do with my time than to risk reading a book that I may or may not like."

I was saddened by her words because it made me come to terms with the reality that the majority of people I know probably won't read my book - simply because they don't like to read. But hopefully they'll still buy it and at least use it as a decoration for their coffee table and a conversation piece in which they can claim that they know the writer.

But blustery? I still couldn't come to terms with how she knew the word and I didn't. So I decided to do some resarch to see if my regional theory might be true.

I asked some from Texas what comes to mind when they hear the word blustery.

"Oh, Winnie the Pooh!!!" my Texas friend exclaimed.

Now that explains it. Evidently I didn't get enough of Winnie the Pooh growing up. I quickly learned that there's an entire episode and Pooh song based on a blustery day.

I told my nonreading friend that I knew how she knew the word blustery and I didn't.


"Winnie the Pooh."

"You're Right!!!"

I bring this up because my boss's boss dropped by my cubicle today and asked me a question and in doing so he used a big word that I didn't know the meaning of - in fact, it was so foreign to my ears that by the end of our conversation I couldn't even remember what it was so that I could look it up.

Funny thing is, I still don't know, and may never know, if I answered his question correctly. I did my best to move away from his question, and simply say something that sounded intelligent. I think it worked. And if not, I might need to start sending my resume elsewhere for a job beyond this year.

Saturday, January 1, 2011