Monday, November 21, 2011


11:11 has stood out to me for quite some time.  Maybe because it's a palindrome - I like the symmetry, or perhaps it's because I have a weird obsession with Gimetria.  (SP?)

I do!  (I just spoke this aloud; my roommate turned from the book she is  reading, confused by my outburst.)

But yes, this is an epiphianic moment for me.  It's true, I have a strange obsession with numbers. 

But then again, so did the writers of the Bible.

The writer of Matthew even went as far as fibbing some of the genealogy line to Jesus, so that there could be 3 nice sets of 14.  He skipped a few people, just for the sake of presentation, or because the number 14 is the number that represents King David.

And then there is the symbolism of 12.  And the symbolism of 7 - a number of wholeness and completion.  I was hoping that the 7th guy I kissed would be "the one" but then 8 and 9, came along and now I'm hoping for 10 to be the final.

As I explained to number 5, pre kiss, if I kiss you, then I have to start counting on my other hand the number of guys I've kissed.  For some reason I was hesitant, but the summer air in Hollywood convinced me otherwise.  Or maybe it was his motorcycle or pausing to dance in the middle of street, well after cars had ceased to parade through the neighborhood.

That night he suggested we get married.

I laughed.  And perhaps in doing so, hurt his feelings and confidence.

He recovered, by stating, "I just thought it sounded romantic."

The fling lasted no more than a month after that night.

He explained to me over an e-mail that he was moving to New York.

Funny how I also live in New York, yet it doesn't matter anymore.  Time has taken us our separate directions.

But 11:11, well that's a time that still stands out in my mind.

Because it is a wishing time.  Or so my friend Emily from California once told me.

And funny, that I never got to to what this post intended to be about - the night of 11.11.11... a birthday party in the Lower East Side at the Mercury Lounge...

But perhaps it's best that I skip the events of that evening, because although it started well, it didn't end well.  There was no dance that evening, yet the dance must somehow find a way to continue on.

I think I need a new time.  Perhaps 10:10 is better suited for me. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gallery Girls

Last night my director friend texted me around 10 pm, insisting that I join him.  I had already determined that I was going to call it an evening, but when it comes to social happenings I'm easily swayed... and so I put my black boots and my coat back on and headed down 34th Street.