Saturday, June 30, 2007

Coming Soon: My Original Blogspot Work

I’ve decided to reclaim some of my original blogspot work - which, for the most part, was written under the guise of Marie Devonshire. My middle name, followed by the last name of a friend who taught me how to both surf and fall in love in the same day, is the name that became my pen name. 5 years ago Mr. Devonshire told me that he would fly out to Michigan and marry me if I was still single the eve of my 25th birthday. I didn’t believe him, but I liked him for some time and eventually he did come to Michigan – not to marry me, but rather to introduce me to his fiancĂ©. He married her and a year later he divorced her. I think because of his love for gambling. Skilled at playing poker, Mr. Devonshire has left his wife and the field of youth ministry to pursue a career in gambling. However, he continues to maintain the same desire as my favorite ex-boyfriend to someday run a youth camp; I have faith that he will, but not until much later on in life when he grows weary of the game and remembers his first love (i.e. God). Last time I spoke with him he was getting ready to go to the Playboy Mansion for a celebrity poker tournament.

The blogspot I wrote upon was moderated by Stephen Christian – the lead singer of Anberlin. I have much admiration, and some jealousy, for the ambitious life that Stephen now leads. I think because his life seems to have greater eternal significance than my own. Long before Stephen’s rock stardom, I considered the possibility that he might like me. I think the invitation to the Presidential Inaugural Ball, along with the mix CD and Valentine’s Day card he sent me, led me to believe that he had some interest in me. Or maybe it was the plane ticket he offered to buy me so I could meet him in New Orleans. I’m uncertain now what he meant when he told me “You have a lot of qualities I hope for in a future love” because last month he informed me that he was never interested in me. I think his brother would disagree with his no interest claim because he had to fight Stephen for the computer as they were both waiting upon and writing e-mails to girls in Michigan (or so Stephen once told me).

So maybe Stephen was never interested in me, but I think he was rather fond of Marie Devonshire. I’ll let you decide. Over the next month or so I’ll be posting old blogspot writings that I had written for his site several years ago. Please keep in mind my book writing is nothing like the writing you will find here. This stuff isn’t funny; my book is (and so am I – or at least I'd like to think I am).