Sunday, March 13, 2011


Friday morning New York City woke up to the tragic news of the earthquake that shook Japan.

When I stepped off the elevator in the Empire State Building, in front of me, a television screen shone with images of the devastation.

I paused only for a moment, to take it in; after all, I had a meeting I had to get to. (We always have something more seemingly pressing - don't we?)

And so I started my walk down the long hallway to the meeting room, and as I did, I passed by a coworker that I know only by name. We exchanged polite hellos. But after he passed 5 or 6 steps, he turned back around to continue the conversation saying, "You know, I keep running into ****"

To which I replied, "Oh really?"

"Yeah. He told me to tell you that he says hello."

"Oh, well thanks."

We continued on in our separate directions.

And I considered, maybe he hasn't forgotten about me after all.

I entered the conference room and the facilitator of the meeting started by saying, "Let's take some time to pray for Japan."

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