Friday, March 4, 2011

City Nights

You know you're out with a good looking guy when a gay man checks out your date and exclaims, "Wow."

The evening started at

From there we headed to 338 East 6th Street
Awash: Fine Ethiopian Cuisine

And then to a pub in East Village called The Edge located at 95 East 3rd St where we joined his coworkers for a birthday celebration.

And that's where this girl sought me out of the crowd and said, "Hi, you must be _____'s girlfriend. I'm _______. I recognize you from the pictures."

Girlfriend - eh? That's news to me.
I didn't think I was his girlfriend. Nor did I think that he thought that I was his girlfriend.

He didn't hear the girl say the "G" word, but the next person we ran into asked him, "So is this your girl."

He replied by saying, "Maybe."

So I had no choice but to pull the girl card on our walk to union station. I needed to know what the heck we were.

And so we clarified that no, I am not his girlfriend and he is not by boyfriend.

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