Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anberlin & Switchfoot

September 25
Facebook Status Says: yes i have tickets... but not to the gun show... heading up broadway to the atomic tom, anberlin, and switchfoot show... yay! 

September 23
Thought: Gosh, there are a lot off good looking men out this evening.  Oh yeah, that's right I'm in Chelsea.  Correction: There are lots of good looking gay men out this evening.
Late night dinner in Chelsea  at following all city wide worship.

September 22
Night out with my photopgrapher friends Shannen and Angi in Brooklyn at

To the boys who joined our table -Yes, there is also an 8 in the year that I was born - 1978.

September 20
Monumuental Small Group: the first small group meeting that I have ever attended where someone showed up completely wasted.

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