Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prince Street

Take the N downtown.

Get off at Prince Street.

Exit Near Intersection of Broadway & Prince St.

Start going South East on Prince St.

Turn Right onto Elizabeth St.

Arrive at 210 Elizabeth St.

I was on my way to Public Restaurant to meet a businessman for dinner - not for business reasons, but rather because we had hit it off a couple of weekends ago and he suggested that we meet up again.

So we convened in Soho for an elegant dinner followed by a taxi cab ride to a nearby rooftop lounge called Jimmy's  He (my date) had stopped by Jimmy's earlier in the day to secure our entrance to this exclusive venue.  He successfully got us on "the list" and so upon our arrival we were immediately welcomed into the building and taken up to the eighteenth floor.

As we stepped off the elevator we were greeted with astonishing views of the city.  We partook in drinks and conversation, until the chill of the evening air prompted my date to suggest that we head to our final destination.

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