Tuesday, April 5, 2011

33rd Street

"I can’t believe you’re doing this!”  I heard the words through sobbing cries, but I didn’t know where the voice was coming from.  I took a few more steps and turned to see a man and a woman and tucked away on a less than private cement stairwell on 33rd Street, not too far from Madison Square Garden.

The woman continued on through her tears, “I gave up EVERYTHING to come here to be with you…”

She carried on, distraught, while he sat with a numb look on his face, displaying no emotion at all.  He already knew he was an a** hole (or so that is my interpretation), so he took the beating by his now ex-girlfriend, or perhaps ex-fiancé without much response.

Then again, I didn’t linger to hear any more of their break up conversation, so I can’t say for certain whether or not he offered a rebuttal.  Instead, I maintained my pace and continued down 33rd Street with my eyes fixed on the Empire State Building. 

I considered for a moment that maybe I should go back, and see if she wanted to talk or go for coffee or drinks later on.  But the timing seemed terrible, and I’m thinking I would have creeped her out, like the man who creeped me out at the bus stop my freshmen year of college – the one who passed by the bus stop several times and then finally came up to me,  handing me a small piece of paper.  He explained, “I couldn’t help but notice you – I would love to take out for coffee some time.  Here’s my number.”  I think he was 27 – I was 18.

But I felt bad for this woman who was probably in her mid-30s.  I couldn’t imagine moving to a city like New York for someone else and for someone else’s dreams - only to have that someone say, “See ya later.”

With the Empire State Building in view it was easy for me to remember why God brought me here – to be a part of what he is doing in and through the lives of college students at The King’s College. 

I pondered the woman’s words, and the reality that I gave up EVERYTHING to be here too, but I came because of God – because I trust him.  But what is different, is that I know He’ll never say, “See ya later.”  I’m so thankful that God has got my back no matter what happens or where I go in life. 

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