Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last Friday I was thrilled to get into an online class that I had been wait listed to get in.

And then I listened to the first lecture and understood immediately why so many people had dropped out of the class, enabling me to get in.

I immediately regretted my acceptance into the class, but there was nothing I could do - I was screwed.  I had to take the class because Friday was also the absolute last day to register for classes - as well as the last day to drop the less than desirable ones without any financial consequence. 

So I'm stuck listening to this professor all semester who I can hardly understand because his accent is so thick.  I don't want to make this out to be or sound racist.  I have plenty of friends and acquaintances from all around the world - some with fabulous accents, that can, at times, be challenging to understand.  However, I don't pay money to listen them talk, nor do they make take exams on what they say.

You may think I'm exaggerating.  I promise.  I'm not.

In fact, a King's student worker dropped by my cubicle this evening as I was listening to yet another miserable lecture.

She came to inquire, "What language is that in?"

I placed the lecture on pause and explained, "It's English - with a really heavy accent."

"Really?  I thought you were listening to a lecture in Estonian or something.  I was like wow - Katrina must be so smart."

Shoot.  Maybe I should have played it off... it's always good to have the students you work with think you're smart...

I haven't told my dad the news yet, but I know he'll get a kick out of it - and then he'll say something about how he always requests a different doctor when he gets one that he can't understand.

My dad's a great man - and funny.

Last time I was wait listed for a class, and asked my dad to pray that I'd get in, he was thoroughly confused.  Rather than wait listed, he thought I was trying to get into a weightlifting class.  He couldn't understand first off, why I would want to take a weightlifting class, and secondly, why in the world would Fuller Theological Seminary be offering such a class.

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