Monday, April 25, 2011

Wrong Guy

The wrong guy said it, but even so, I'll take it. 

Because it's nice to know you're missed.

It's nice to know that someone somehow values you enough to say those words.

I can't say I miss him.  But I did think of him last week. 

I hope that counts for something. 

The fact of the matter is, I don't know him well enough to miss him, but I did appreciate some of our conversations that we had around this time a year ago.  We could get on the phone and pass time like it was nothing. 

Kind of like the one guy that I do miss, who I haven't talked to on the phone in what seems like ages.  Although when he and I get on the phone, it seems like we only half finish every story, because our mutual, tangential ADD tendencies carry our conversations anywhere and everywhere - even to Meijers, Chinese food, and ultimate frisbee.

But one of our more memorable phone conversations was the time when he was telling me about his Grandma who had passed away.  He shared with me that his Grandma was a great woman of faith.  He went on and on explaining his adoration for this woman who had left a spiritual imprint and legacy on his life and on his entire family. 

He told me, "I feel like people like my Grandma never really die.  It's more like God reaches out his hand and ushers them into his presence.  It's more of a peaceful step, rather than a death." 

I never had the opportunity to meet his Grandma, but listening to him talk about her made me want to be like her some day.  She is missed, that I am certain, but even so, her presence remains because of the life of faith that she lived.

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