Friday, August 26, 2011

Pre Irene

Hello Irene, I'm Katrina.

I'll be working with you over the next several days.  My friends and I have been preparing for your visit ever since we learned that you were heading to the North East Coast.

Even Mayor Bloomberg and his buddies are anxiously anticipating your arrival.  They thought your visit granted a day off for many of our transit folks, so he decided to shut down the subway & bus system in honor of YOU.  That doesn't even happen at Christmas time, which just goes to show how special we think you are.

You truly are the talk of the town.  Even the media are super hyped about your arrival.  It gives them something to new to talk about - which is great because people were getting bored hearing about the debt ceiling.

Oh, and I hope you don't feel like Mr. Earthquake was trying to steal your show on Tuesday.  Think of Mr. Earthquake like John the Baptist.  Just like he prepared the way for Jesus, Earthquake helped prepare the way for you and your upcoming arrival to New York City.

The grocery stores in the city have been packed out with people these past 24 hours.  They must be getting ready to have a feast in honor of you.  It's almost like Thanksgiving - except bread and water are the top selling items rather than turkey and pumpkin pie.

PS If you would, please avoid entering through my window; I don't think you'd fit very well through it.  I'm not saying you're fat, so please don't take it that way.  My mom is just concerned that you might break it, and I already told her that you wouldn't.


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