Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Are you here for the 90s party?" 90s party? Ah, that would explain the background music - Criss Cross will make you - Jump Jump.

"No, we're actually here to see Brenn."

The hostess at Fontanas pointed us in the direction of a door located just beyond the pool table, explaining that we would find Brenn downstairs. So my roommie Shannen and I made our way to the door, and down the stairs to the basement. And as promised, we found Brenn.

I met Brenn two summers ago when I was in Nashville, co-emceeing a wedding with Lauren Greene whom I learned much later on is the Chief religious correspondent for FOX news.

The morning wedding, followed by the reception, was held in downtown Nashville at the Hermitage Hotel. And later that evening, I met up with a friend of mine from Spring Hill Camp(Jesse Worstell) at

That's also where I met my now friend Patrick.

But tonight...

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