Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Proposal

So, the reason I haven't been writing here, is because I've been writing elsewhere.

And I attempted a post yesterday, but I thought the content was a bit inappropriate for senior citizens - not that senior citizens read my blog (well, perhaps my mom does from time to time - she and my dad love their discounted coffee from McDonald's),

I'm actually working on my Book Proposal - it's due tomorrow - not to any publisher, but rather to a Professor.

And sadly, I just ran out of Diet Coke.

I think tonight is going to be an all-nighter.

For those that are seeking a fabulous write up on my life in Manhattan, I'll tell you about the smells in Central Park.

In the summer, it smells like horse crap.
In the winter, well at least tonight, it smelled like pot.

And, if you happen to sit down on a bench beside a homeless person in Central Park, well, that a special smell all of its own.

Time for me to run next door to get some Caffeine, which by the way, I learned today ;) that excessive amounts of caffeine can cause insomnia. Huh - imagine that.

And I just drink it to help me stay awake.

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