Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lead Actor

Tonight I was reminded of a quote that use to hang on my wall in my office back in CA:

YOU are always the lead actor of your life... and YOU have a tremendous impact on how that plays out. ~ Erwin McManus

I explained this quote to a student of mine this evening, and as I did, I moved two chess pieces around on the coffee table in front of me...

And as we chatted about her future, I insisted that she has take ownership of her decisions - that I can't make those choices for her...

I'd be there to support her, and to encourage her, but ultimately she has to want it, and want it enough to follow through...

Tonight I posted Erwin's quote on facebook, and a topnotch editor "liked" my status - all that much more convicting me, that I'm not doing what I need to do when it comes to the pursuit of writing.

I met with another student earlier in the day, and she shared with me that when she was younger she wanted to

(to be finished...)

but she didn't because she was scared.

I wonder how often our fears keep us from opening our souls to the world, by attempting something new or exploring unknown territory - or even a relationship.

It's much easier maintain our present course - the course we already know.

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