Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wedding Weekend

After staying Thursday and Friday nights with my friend Jen in Redlands, on Saturday I headed to a wedding for one of my former student leaders from CBU. 

The wedding was held at this place called Hidden Oaks, and let me tell you - Hidden Oaks was exactly that - hidden and nearly impossible to find.  I drove up and down Hermosa Avenue several times before I finally found the venue a few minutes after the official start time.  Thankfully the ceremony started about 20 minutes after 3, so it was as if I was on time.

During the reception the guy who caught the garter looked rather familiar.  And then I remembered - oh yeah, I caught him hiding in a girls' dorm room outside of visitation hours his freshman year at CBU.  That's why he looks familiar.

The wedding wrapped up earlier than I had anticipated, so I headed West on the 210, and joined a few friends at The Oak Tavern in Sherman Oaks for the remainder of the night.  Apparently "oak" was the theme of my Saturday night.  Not a very exciting theme, but at least I had a theme.  Most evenings don't.


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