Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From LA to JFK

Written on my RedEye flight...

After Mosaic in Hollywood…

My friend Sarah and I walked the stars to the 25 Degrees restaurant located in the Roosevelt Hotel.  I stopped and took a picture of the Tony Danza star because it reminded me of one of my NYC friends who has had drinks with him on a few occasions.  I considered posting the pic on facebook and then tagging her, but then thought she might be facebook friends with Tony and he might not be amused by the post.  
Anyway, over dinner my friend Sarah and I conversed about all sorts of awkward matters.  It wasn’t awkward for us, but occasionally our waiter would stop by to check in on us and every time he did, he’d arrive just in time to hear Sarah make some remark about something I can’t write about here.  We know we made our waiter feel awkward - it was absolutely fabulous. 

Last night was my final night staying with my friend George in downtown LA.  We’ve been friends for 16 years, and I think I’ve stayed with him more than any other one person over the past decade.  Staying with George is pretty much like staying at a 4 or 5 star hotel.  He has this extra bedroom and an extra bathroom fully equipped with white towels from Pottery Barn and a heat lamp for when you get out of the shower.  He likes visitors and insists I am more than welcome to stay with him whenever I’m in town.  I will be taking him up on this ongoing offer, but only because I know he means it, and because I also know he won't try putting the moves on me.

Earlier this afternoon I headed up to Santa Monica and jogged barefoot up the coast.  It was my second time this year jogging this same route along the ocean’s shore.  The run felt like a paradise of sorts.  But in April it was slightly better because it was then that I had just received a text from a certain someone. 

Funny how certain someones can impact you in certain ways.  Funny to be at a place in my life where there are multiple certain someones, without an any the one.  As I wrote a while back, my preference would be for one certain someone, but until I find a someone who I believe is the someone, I’ll be out dancing in the deepest ocean, just like The Cure sings.

And yes, I swam in the ocean after my run today.  I also peed in it, if I'm being perfectly honest.  I then hung out with Brennan Manning for a bit.  Not for reals hung out, but I’ve been rereading one of his books I first read through nearly a dozen years ago – Ruthless Trust.  It’s a book I refer to in my own book and I’m considering the possibility of including a few quotes from his book in mine.  But I won’t write those quotes here, not because they’re awkward, like the stuff my friend Sarah said, but rather because I don’t want to give away what one day might be in my book.

This evening, on my way to LAX, I made one last pit stop at In-N-Out.  My friend Colin met me there, which makes for a total of 3 non date, dates with 3 different guys during my stay in LA.  I suppose that’s one aspect of life I miss being in NYC – good guy friends. With the exception of a few former coworkers, I don’t really have guy friends in New York City.  I think because friendships with guys in New York are complicated, and aren’t really friendships because who in New York really wants to start up new friendships with the opposite sex when you’re in your 30s, just for kicks. 

Still, oddly I’m envious of my one friend who recently explained to me she doesn’t have a whole lot of guy friends any more.  Instead, she has this one, really good guy friend – her best friend.  And so instead divvying her heart out to lots of guys, she gets to keep her heart a bit more intact.  AND she even gets to have sex this guy.  Now THAT’s the type of guy friend I want.

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