Monday, September 10, 2012


Evidently when it comes to good looking guys UCLA is to USC as Michigan is to Michigan State.

I met up with my married friend Sarah last night in Pasadena. Over dinner I asked her a very serious question, and she gave me a very serious response.

"Sarah, what do you think is the biggest need for women in the Church?"

Without any hesitation, she replied, "A dating service." I laughed, but she went on. "No, I'm serious. I think a good dating service would save a lot of time, heartache, and stress."

Sarah has been in the marriage club since she was 28, and she now watches all of her single g-friends drown in the drama of the Christian dating scene.

Sarah went to UCLA, but explained to me that she had to go to USC to find her husband. Evidently the University of Michigan and UCLA have the same "problem." All the good looking guys go the the other school. I wrote about this several months ago, concluding that Michigan State has the better looking guys. Fascinating that So Cal and the Michigan have the same "issue" with smarter guys being less attractive.

The good news for smart, ugly guys is girls will pretty much fall for any guy who adores her. Good-looking or not, if a guy has good character, and isn't a creep, all he needs to do is treat a girl well, make her feel special, and she'll be hooked.

I'm not sure why we are like this. It's rather ridiculous, but for whatever reason, that's the way we're wired. Nothing gets me more than a guy who I'm already slightly interested in when he tells me I'm beautiful. That, and when he smiles at me in a way that I know I make him smile.

A few smiles were exchanged this past year. One in particular had me hooked. But for whatever reason, he decided to toss me back into the sea.

Still swimming single, knowing I'm a great catch, but waiting for the right fisherman.

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