Friday, September 7, 2012

My NYC Doctor

Why my NYC doctor is the Best - See last paragraph of e-mail exchange.


Good Morning!

I'm wondering, did you happen to find anything of note in my June blood work? I've been taking an iron pill a day, but I haven't been feeling well the past couple of months - extremely fatigued, like I felt before I started taking the iron pills.

Any insight? Perhaps I picked up something in Africa?

Hope you're enjoying these final days of summer.
Katrina Blank

PS I'm currently in Michigan, but will be returning to NYC at the end of this week. 

Today's reply:

I am attaching the lab report to this email, and I remember looking at it when it came in and thinking that while things were still abnormal, they were getting better and they seemed to be 100% consistent with iron deficiency anemia, and that the values would return to completely normal with a few more months of iron supplements.
If you're feeling poorly, give a call and set up a time to come in to the office so we can chat. I am not sure what your health insurance is like, but whatever it is (or isn't) please don't worry about that - I am happy to see you for whatever you can afford/think is reasonable, even if it's nothing.
The good news is, it's normal for me to still not be feeling well; I'm relieved.  :-)  My iron level in February was 8.4 - normal is 12-15 and if you dip below 8, a blood transfusion is recommended.  Basically, I was only getting 65% of the oxygen my body needed.  And so I started take iron pills to get better, and I thought they were working their magic, but funny now, thinking back, what probably happened is I got tricked into thinking I was better when I wasn't because there were other fun, exciting things happening in my life overriding my poor health - or so that's my theory.  Or it could have been my friends praying over me too... hmm...

Regardless, I'm still on my way to getting back to me.  Can't wait until I'm fully there! 
Landed in LA tonight... it's great to be back on the West Coast!

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