Saturday, September 8, 2012


For months I've been listening to my LA friends rave about this teaching series called Letters.  Every month or so Erwin McManus takes a Letter and then spends an entire Saturday teaching on it.  I was thrilled when I discovered my flight to LA just so happened to coincide with a Saturday set aside for Letters.  And so last night, rather than staying out late, I stayed with my writer friend Sue.  And today we got up early and headed to Mosaic in Hollywood to hear Erwin speak.
To my surprise, it wasn't a chapter by chapter, verse by verse study.  But rather Erwin took audience questions, wrote them on a board, and then spent the rest of the day answering them.  There were A LOT of audience questions, probably 40 or so, no joke.  I didn't get a pic of the questions, but here is a pic of Erwin's explanation of 1 John. 

Erwin is one of my favorite Christian speakers/teachers and I've been hounding him via twitter to bring Letters to NYC.  He's in and out of NYC all the time, so I know it wouldn't be ALL that difficult to make happen, and I even volunteered to coordinate. 

NYC has some decent speakers, but for as large as our city is, and as diverse as our population is, we need more voices speaking hope into our city.

I hate that the cliche Christian thing to do if you work in the C "industry" is to move to Colorado or Nashville.  So Cal is well-stocked, but NYC is desperate for more men and women to step up and be light in the city.

I shouldn't be writing this post, because I'm not certain I want to stay in NYC much longer.  And I'm praying through the possibility of moving back to LA after the New Year.  I would loooove to be back with Mosaic, but I also recognize not everyone can do NYC, and it may be the very place God has for me a bit longer.  (However long a bit may be... that, we shall see...)

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