Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spirit Materializes

Disclaimer: This post is going to sound extremely New Agey.  Nothing I write on this matter is a conclusive statement of my understanding, but rather a dabbling in seeking to explain the spirit world.

I'm still processing the world wind of information I absorbed yesterday.  The idea I'm particular fascinated by is a potential explanation of the spirit realm in relation to reincarnation.

Erwin suggested, since spirits transcend time and history, it makes sense people might recall experiences from a past life.  He says spirits travel, searching for a places to reside, and we, as humans, allow spirits to take residency in us.  These spirits stay "alive" even after people die, and so they'll seek new homes, and take with them the memories and experiences of their previous "home."

These spirits are different from our soul.  Souls don't travel in and out of people; they don't travel throughout human history.  We each have a soul, and we don't "share" our soul by entering into another human being unless we are talking about marriage/sex, and the idea of two becoming one, but that's another discussion for another day.  But even in marriage, we are still our own person. 

More often than not there isn't much intentionality in which spirits we allow to reside in us.  Most of us aren't going around saying, "Hey spirit, come hang out in me."  But if there is space, we shouldn't be surprised if a spirit stops in for a visit, and stays for a while, and possibly the rest of our life if we let it.

In some instances, there is intentionality, like when people open themselves up to the spirit realm, by inviting spirits in, the way a psychic might.  Or it may be more discreet, like when we let down our guard in certain situations - perhaps by drinking way too much, or experimenting with drugs, or by spending time in "dark" environments.  (Funny how alcohol is also called spirits.)

I know there are lots of evil spirits roaming about, hoping to take residency in each of us.  However, I'm not sure if there are multiple good spirits.  But I do know, the more my life is filled with what the Scriptures calls the Holy Spirit, the more kind and patient and loving I am.  The Spirit God has for us, if we invite it in, is all good stuff - really good stuff.  The Scriptures say, the only way to get this good Spirit is to ask Jesus for it.  Jesus wants to drench us with the Holy Spirit, and drown out the icky, evil spirits.

But unlike the evil spirits, the Holy Spirit only comes upon us when we invite him.

You should try it out sometime - especially the next time you have a shotty day.  Simply say, "Come, Holy Spirit come."  Make that your "mantra."

Whatever spirit we have inside of us, is the spirit that then materilizes in us as we go about our days.  It impacts how we how we go about lives - the decisions we make and the way we treat other people.

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