Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Guys, in general, tend to be funnier than women. 

This is one of my theories, except I really don't think it is a theory.  I think it's true.

Today I drove from Michigan to Manhattan and arrived just in time to help co lead my coed small group.  It was our 2nd week meeting and the ratio of men to women is up to 1 to 3 from last week's 1 to 4.  And with the increase in men in our group, there was a significant increase in witty comments and laughter at tonight's meeting.

To think, I almost nixed the idea of doing a coed group - so glad I didn't.

In other news, I'm still homeless.  The place I'm supposed to be staying at for Oct. and Nov. has no running water, which means, well, I'm not sure what this means for me yet, but I do know this isn't a good thing. 

I've stayed at a literally a dozen different places this past month.  I'm soooooo craving a place I can call home.  Because being homeless, unlike witty men, is not so funny.

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