Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Curwood Castle

Late night conference planning... once again, writing e-mails, rather than blogging...

This past December my friend Ryan Duffy and I returned to my birth town of Owosso, Michigan, for a day long forum.  That forum has since turned into a summer conference, and now a fall conference that I've been taking the lead on in administrative coordinating. 

There something to be said about the time and place in history that we are born into.  I'm still trying to piece together whether it is of any significance that I was born in Owosso.  My friend Gordon would argue yes, but I remain skeptical.

Anyway, my favorite place in Owosso is Curwood Castle, located down the river behind me in this pic.  I remember as a kid crawling up the winding stairs inside and thinking it was the coolest thing ever.  Perhaps because, at the age of 3, it was the coolest thing I'd ever experienced. 

Curwood Castle now has to compete with the Great Wall of China and the Empire State Building.

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