Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Frying Pan

Last night's 3 AM adventure I'll save for tomorrow - after I meet up with him for a second round of conversation.

This evening, following church, my new friend Bethanie and I headed down 8th Avenue until we stumbled upon an Italian restaurant.  Over dinner we attempted to answer the question I struggled to answer last night.  Our conclusion: there is no answer.  There is no answer as to why we are both still single.  She considered perhaps for her it has to do with communication style.  I told her I didn't think that was the case.  I insisted the more likely answer is that we both run the intimidation race, but Bethanie pushed back on that, giving examples of several friends who still seem to somehow meet someone despite the initimidation factor.  Bethanie suggested we could always go with sperm donors if need be.

After dinner, we dropped by the church picnic at Chelsea Pier to say a few brief hello's and then continued on our way to the Frying Pan.  I've jogged past this place numerous times, wanting to go, but tonight is the first time I step foot onto the docked ships. 

After grabbing drinks we headed to the upper deck to rehash old stories.  She filled me in on her guy story - the one that messed her up theologically, and then I filled her in on mine.  Both scenarios exposed the reality that we don't always hear the voice of God correctly. 

Kind of like what I write about a third of the way into my book... the book I'm returning to tomorrow.

* Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me this evening, so I had to bum this pic off of google images.  But yes, this is the Frying Pan on the Hudson River.

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