Friday, July 13, 2012


Did your mother fill you in?” 

“Yes.” I answered my dad.  “You went to jail.”

“That’s correct.”

Now before you go on thinking my dad is some sort of criminal, I need to explain.  For the past several years my dad has been reaching out to these two boys whose father passed away 4 years ago.  The two brothers are now 20 and 22, and not too long ago they got into some trouble with the law because of drugs.  Yesterday my dad went and visited the brothers in jail.  Although my Dad hasn’t been able to “save” them from their drug addictions, he has served as a faithful presence in their lives, and continues to encourage them to get their lives on track.

And that’s just one in a zillion and one stories of my Dad reaching out to care for people.  Both he and my mom do an amazing job of loving people well.   

On Monday we celebrated my Dad’s 73rd birthday and somehow I got on the topic of Strengths Finder.  Strengths finder is a test you can take to help identify your top strengths, as well as to help you understand how other people are wired. 

When the topic came up I asked my parents, what would you say are your top 5 strengths?

My dad listed off ping pong, saxophone, vibraharp, writing music and telling faith stories.  (To clarify, none of the strengths my dad listed are actually found when taking the test.)

Meanwhile, my mom said…

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