Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hampton Holiday

facebook staus on july 2

just got invited to spend the 4th with a bunch of nuns... difficult decision to make here - house in the hamptons, roof top party in the city, or fun with nuns in CT?

Decision Made: Hapmton House

This AM I took the Q train out to Queens to pick up my car where I keep it parked in Astoria.  I'd keep my car closer to my Midtown apartment, but parking spaces are hard to come by, and renting one runs about $600 a month.

For the most part it's rather useless to keep a car of your own in the city, and so for most of this past year I kept my car in Michigan. (2 years ago I left it out and California and allowed BruceWillis's personal flight attendant to use it to go on pre flight grocery runs.  To think, my car has held food that has ended up in Bruce's stomach.  That's pretty rad.  Side Note: this was seemingly good set up, until I got a call from my insurance company notifying me that my car bumped into a 2010 Mercedes.)

Time Out: Malik is making fun of me.  (Irrelevant to post)

So today I drove out to the Hamptons to celebrate the 4th of July with a crew from my church who have a summer home share.  I rolled in shortly after 1 - right as everyone was wrapping up breakfast.  After some pool side time, we (about 15 of us) headed to a nearby beach where I got recruited to play tag football.  I like to watch football, but it's slightly intimidating for me to play because I never really learned any technique growing up.  My high school didn't bother to include a lesson on the sport in my girl's freshmen gym class and my dad was never really into game. 

Although, I will say, my dad did take a stab at football when he was in junior high.  But he didn't last too long.  After the first few weeks of the season, the biggest guy on his team broke two of his legs (not that he had a third one).  My dad quit the team, rationalizing that if the big dude could get that destroyed, he didn't want to risk what the sport could do to him.

Speaking of injuries,  I got my first ever football injury today. 

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