Monday, July 16, 2012


My friend Chris surprised me by dropping by this morning.  I’m on a writer’s schedule, so I hadn’t yet showered, or even washed my face, but at least I was wearing a bra, and deodorant, I think.

Confession: growing up I was super envious of Chris because she had a trampoline and I did not.  After watching the movie Big starring Tom Hanks, my longing for a trampoline increased exponentially.  My brother and I tried to convince my mom we should get one and she tried to convince us we would get sued if we did.  She insisted someone was bound to get injured and then their parents would go after us with a lawsuit.  At one point there was talk of liability waivers, but after my best friend Melissa got a trampoline, and broke her leg jumping on it, my brother and I dropped the matter. 

An episode of The Simpsons further supported my mom’s conviction concerning trampolines.  Here's a short clip from the episode:

Now, my friend Chris is Korean, but she doesn’t speak it – at least not well.  She was adopted from Korea as a baby, but as an adult she reconnected with her Korean Dad and siblings.  She told me every once in a while she’ll get a drunk dial from one of her half-brothers in Korea.  He spews out some gibberish to Chris, and she kindly reminds him she doesn’t speak Korean. She tells him this in English to make sure he understands.  With the time change it’s usually around 10 or 11 AM in the US, so typically she’s amused rather than annoyed. 

I considered for a moment it might be fun to have a relative from half way around the world drunk dial me from time to time, but then I considered all my German relatives and decided I could go without.

My neighbor dog Beau also stopped by today.  We hung out for a bit and played fetch as the sun set.

Beau is great and one of the few remaining dogs we have in our corner of the lake.  We lost Rudy, a golden retriever, to a divorce and we lost Teak, a chocolate lab, to old age.


I went without one once to the Empire State Building when I had a 6:30 AM lock out and my student leaders didn’t have keys.  I threw on an oversized fleece, thinking I would be fine, but I then took a cab to the housing area in need of the key, and learned the hard way never again to go without one in the city – at least when taking a taxi.  The crazed driving over the bumps made for a rather uncomfortable/slightly painful ride.

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