Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ace Hotel

This morning I was thrilled to learn one of the most retweetable people I know retweeted a tweet I sent him.  Erwin McManus has well over 40,000 followers on twitter, and one of them just so happens to be THE man I'm most intrigued by at this point in my life.  Perhaps "he" saw it and was reminded I do exist. 

But perhaps not.  And actually, if I'm being completely honest with myself and with you, most likely not.  Advice to self:  please stop getting wrapped up with guys who end up on billboards, the cover of magazines, and on Jay Leno. 

Today I ran into another guy I've been slightly crushing on since December.  He was out on some sort of date with another gal, which confirmed for me I shouldn't spill my feelings for him like I had determined to do so the other day.

He told me earlier this year he finds me to be an extremetly attractive woman...  and he wasn't just speaking physically, but rather he went on to describe qualities and characteristics he sees in me.  We have a mutual fondness, admiration and respect for each other, but I know I'm not the right woman for him.  At the age of 34 you become smarter than your feelings.

I also ran into two of my students today.  At the age of 20 they are engaged.  He proposed from the top of a building my second hottest guy friend refers to as the "Now Renting" building.  Great view - and great place to make out (I may or may not know the latter from personal experience.) 

The view of Empire State Building from the "Now Renting Building" is impressive:

This evening, my final Saturday in the city for a long while, I'm at the ACE Hotel working on my book.  I'm kind of bummed not to be dancing it up with friends in the Lower East Side, but friends in NYC are hard to come by, and I'm not the best at making social plans in advance.  Hence, here I am writing at the Ace Hotel on a Saturday night.

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

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