Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not My Moment

the funniest of moments... i'm not sure if i'd describe it as a most embarrassing moment, or a most horrific moment, but thankfully, although i am in the story, it wasn't my moment...
And that's as far as I can post on my blog because as I stated above, it wasn't my moment, so it's not my moment to share.  I'll just say it involved an inappropriate mistext from a man who thought he was texting his wife, only to realize several hours later his mistake.

And instead, I'll share one of my moments. 

When I lived out in California I often surfed at the South end of Huntington Beach - except I never wanted to pay for parking at the State Beach.  Instead, I would park a half mile or so away where it is free and then hike with my backpack and surfboard to the river jetties surf area of Huntington Beach.

Well, I'm someone who tends to be overly prepared for anything and everything, so typically my backpack when I head to the beach is loaded to the max.  One day, as I'm walking with my board and my pack on my back, I hear someone call after me.  "Excuse me, miss.  I think you dropped something."

I pause, and turn around to face an attractive young, man probably in his late twenties/early thirties. He informs me, "Your backpack is coming unzipped."  I check and sure enough it is partially open.  "And" he continues on, "I think these are yours."  He places in my hand the pair of pink panties I had stashed in my backpack to change into later in the day.

I thanked the young man and rezipped my pink panties back into my backpack.  And then continued on my way, thinking, wow, that was kind of embarrassing.

*Disclaimer: I don't typically refer to my underwear as panties - only for literary purposes.

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