Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vegas Part II

* Before reading Vegas Part II, please read Vegas Part I

And so we are on the Island of Kauai eating Calamari and reminiscing about camp. 

“And remember that day we went surfing?  Yeah, that was the night we kissed.”
“Bryan, you and I never kissed.” 
“Are you sure?” He was baffled.  “I could have sworn we kissed.”
And I was baffled.  How could Bryan think for nearly a decade that we had kissed the summer we both worked together at camp? 
“That’s the story I heard.”  His girlfriend chimed in.
“Bryan, we went surfing.  And I think you played with my hair.  But we definitely didn’t kiss.  I know this for a fact because I didn’t kiss anyone from the time I was 18 until I was 26.” 
It’s true; I was on this kick where I wanted the next guy I kissed to be my husband – or well, engaged to be my husband.  I figured it would be best to at least get some practice in before kissing in front of a camera and a large audience.  (For the record, I also figured I'd be married by the age of 24.)
Confession: I’m a sucker for guys who propose to me, or even pretend to be engaged to me.  People would ask my favorite ex-boyfriend how we started dating and he would explain, “Well, I proposed to her, and then we talked and decided it might be a good idea for us to date first.”
I figured the proposal, even though it wasn’t official, had to count for something.  Funny though, he proposed just steps away from where another guy had jokingly proposed to me several years prior.  And yes, eventually I kissed them both.
Then there was this guy a couple of summers ago in LA, who didn’t even fake propose.  He just jumped right in and started introducing me as his fiancĂ©.  We were at our friend Colin’s house party in LA when he did this and I played right along.  It was great fun!  As we’d meet other people we got to make up stories about us - how we met, how he proposed, why the ring is being repaired, and whatever BS we wanted to throw in there about our fake life together.  At the end of the night he went in for a kiss, and well, since we were engaged…
A few weeks later he showed up on stage at my church dressed as a knight in shining armor.  No joke; my fake fiancĂ© was playing the role of a knight in some sort of skit.  I was amused – to say the least. 

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