Saturday, July 14, 2012


Who knew innovation and initiative could lead to roasting marshmallows in the middle of a lake?
A few of my neighbors from next door and down the shore dreamed up a party barge of sorts, and my friend Matt and I rowed out to it this evening to enjoy a bonfire. The creation has yet to receive an official name, but I suspect Floatilla will be the winner.  I also suspect placing a fire pit on two rafts, held together only by a few C-clips, probably isn't the smartest idea, but it certainly is a good time.

Matt drove out from Detroit earlier in the day so we could go sailing.  There wasn't much wind, but we gave it a whirl any way - and we got stuck in a cove at the north end of the lake.  Eventually a jet skier pulled us to the middle of the lake where we insisted we could take it from there - and we did, but it took us more than an hour from there to complete our voyage home.

To be honest, I didn't mind, and I don't think Matt did either.  It was more about being out on the lake and enjoying the conversation than it was about the sailing - at least it was for me.  Most good things in life are like that - they are about relationship.  Granted, I appreciate a daily dose of "I" time, and need my running to reflect, process, and pray through life, but ultimately life IS about relationship, and more important than what I do or what I accomplish, is how I love God and the people around me.

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