Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back On Broadway

Tonight I watched my fourth, and perhaps final Broadway show of my 2 year stint in NYC.  My apartment guests Denise and her daughter Christina Perry treated me to Phantom of the Opera.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure how the show ended. 

I thought of something creative (having nothing to do with the show), and spent the final few moments of the show trying to get my thoughts down on paper before they disappeared.  You have to do that when you're a writer.  Stephen King tells me there's this thing called a "muse" and you absolutely must go with it when it comes to you.  That's why I always carry my journal around with me - except last night.  When I ventured to Bryant Park to meet up with my friend Bethanie I failed to place my journal in my purse bag and had to scramble to find a receipt in my purse to take notes on instead.

Confession: the trouble with me and shows and movies or anything that requires sitting still for long periods of time is I often get lost in my own throughts.  Some people watch movies to relax, but for me it takes a great deal of mental energy and focus.  And not to be narcisitic, but more often than not I find my thoughts to be far more entertainting than the entertainment in front of me. 

I find I watch movies best when a guy (one I like, and preferbly one who likes me in return) is holding me in his arms.  It's amazing how still and quiet I can be throughout a movie when this type of activity is happening simultaneously while viewing the movie.  However, I suspect when I get married, home viewing of movies won't last more than the first 20 minutes of the film.  Who wants to just cuddle when there is so much more fun to be had?  Perhaps it might be best for him to watch the movie on his own while I'm out for a run.  Just an idea.  I know it's nonsensical to think through scenarios as such when you're as single as me, but I have futuristic and strategic as two of my top 5 strengths, so I can't help but to think in such a fashion.

But tonight I did pay attention enough to get one good quote out of the show. 

"Save me from my solitude."

That was the cry of the Phantom, and that is the cry of me.

OUT Takes:
It's a horrible ADD tendency of mine to not be able to sit through movis and shows, but I've accepted my weakness, and mentally prepare for the challenge now every time I go into the theater.

I talked to my CA roommate Sarah Bourns today.  It turns out she and her sister recently attended a conference in Santa Barbara where this single author spoke. She told me this guy seemed very Scriptural, and theologically sound.  She even told me he sounded "pastoral," which seemed odd to me, knowing he would never want to be a pastor.  Anyway, Sarah had only good stuff to say about the speaker and the conference.  I asked her if she got to talk with him at all and Sarah said yes.  She asked him, "Are you ever going to write a book about being single?"
He told her no, but he will.  I KNOW he will.  He just won't write it until after he's married.  And I'd like to predict when this might be, but I just ran out of Peanut M&Ms and have more important matters to attend to.

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