Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just One Call

Funny how one phone call can change everything.

One moment I'm thinking I'm heading back to Michigan to help lead a youth trip to Colorado, the next moment, I'm being told the trip is canceled due to the fires running rampant throughout the state.

And so I stay in the state of New York a wee bit longer.

I have my apartment until July 9th, but I may opt to return to Michigan in time for the 4th.  We shall see.

I'll admit, I'm secretly hoping there's a specific purpose for me being in the city a few more days - an encounter, a meeting, a guy, an adventure - basically, some sort of something.

Granted, there are something's happening around me all the time and honestly, I feel like half of life is simply about showing up.  It's choosing to be somewhere at a specific place and time.

I smiled when I saw the ducks in Central Park this evening.  I'm glad they showed up this evening, because it reminded me they return.  As Holden Caufield expresses wonderment in the Catcher and the Rye, the ducks may be seemingly gone for a season, but eventually they return.

Although I'll be gone for a season from New York, my hope is that eventually I'll return.  And when I do, I certainly hope for a round two at the Ginger Man's pub.

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