Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 Somethings...

And so in Michigan on Sunday, I listened to Dr. Lance Wallnau speak on the 7 Mountains of Influence - Business, Government, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Church, Family, Education.

And this evening, on 38th Street in New York City, I heard Gabe Lyons, founder of Q ideas, speak on, what he calls the 7 Channels of Influence.  He listed nearly the same 7, with the exception of family; that, he replaced with the Social Sector.

Although the material presented was similar, the method of delivery couldn't be more different.  The latter presentation resonated much more with my Spirit, while the first made me wonder why I didn't appreciate the style of delivery the way my parents did.

After the presentation this evening I spoke with Gabe, and inquired if he had bummed his material off of Lance.  I didn't phrase it as such, but that is/was what I wanted to know.  Did he or did he not steal Lance's material. 

He explained that he had never heard of Lance (but he was quickly impressed I knew Gordon - most people are, except Don Miller; he had never heard of Gordon, so I had to tell Don to google him.

And so we got chattin' for a bit, and Gabe explained his preference for the wording channel over mountain.  He shared with me that mountains make it sound like we are out to conquer each mountain one by one in some sort of attempt to take over the world while channels is more about faithful presence in each of the spheres.

It made sense to me what he was saying.  The nuances associated with the two positions us differently.  One is a presence of humility and a gentle strength, while the other is about standing at the top.

Much to think about...

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