Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blame It On Katrina

Disclaimer: Today's post pertains to me, not the hurricane that destroyed New Orleans several years ago.  Unlike hurricanes, I do my best to usher in life, not destruction.  Kind of like Jesus, I suppose, but at a dumbed down level, not because I'm dumb, but rather because Jesus is much more brilliant and life-giving than me.

Anyway... now that I am done disclaiming, today I got a mass text from a student who was on my East Africa team.

He wrote, "Hey Africa team, turns out my dad and i are skydiving for fathers day today.  I blame Katrina.  Miss you guys!"

I appreciated the shout out.  And pondered for a bit how many others in this world would blame "it" on me - whatever "it" my be.  This student's blame was in reference to my skydiving adventure I went on in April.

I just hope I'm inspiring students with more than the idea of jumping out of a plane.

In other news, this evening someone who I don't know all too well called me trustworthy.  I'm not sure how she determined I am trustworthy, but I'm pleased that she did.  Because I like to think I am someone people can trust.

But now I'm pondering, what makes someone trustworthy? How do most people define it? defines trustworthy as "deserving of trust or confidence; dependable; reliable," and lists the following synonyms: true, accurate, honest, faithful.

It appears trustworthiness is something that is tested and proven or time unless you are a person of trustworthy association.  Then you only need the reference of a trustworthy friend and you're automatically in the "in" club.

But it's inevitable at some point in time we will be less than accurate or reliable, but even in those instances, if we admit our shortcomings and say we are sorry,  our trustworthiness increases - at least in most cases.

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