Friday, June 29, 2012

Bryant Park

I very well may have found a New York bestie - finally.  It's yet to be determined if I'll return to the city in the fall, but if I do, I'm rather certain she and I will be friends.  How I know this friendship has potential is because someone dared her to get into the fountain at Bryant Park this evening, and we both accepted the challenge together.

After the photo shoot I shared with her how I had met up with a certain guy by the same fountain in March.  I told her how I really liked this guy, but haven't heard much from him the past couple of months, so I have to assume he's not interested. 

She suggested perhaps I haven't shown enough interest, and perhaps that's why he is keeping his distance.  She then insisted we send him the photo.  I was hesitant, but regardless she proceeded to compose him a message to accompany the pic.  She then requested his digits and I, being easily swayed, allowed her to send the message to him, with my name and personal cell phone number attached.

I doubt I'll hear from him, but I'd be thrilled if I do...

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