Monday, June 18, 2012

Thou Shalt Not Text

I have this rule about not texting or writing e-mails to guys after midnight.  I figure I'm not always in my best frame of mind after midnight, and I may text or write something I later come to regret.

Which has happened on more than one occasion.  Not that I write anything mean (I'm not a mean person) or anything scandalous (okay, so maybe a few times, but flirty fun - not skanky), but I admit, I break my rule more often than I ought.  And in most instances, it makes matters worse.

Which is why I'm blogging right now rather than texting - I'm avoiding making matters worse.  But sometimes, like right now, I try to justify sending a message, claiming it can't get any worse than it already is. When you're already in the deficit, what's a few more points in the negative.

I suppose that's why our national deficit is getting so big - important people in government sending text messages and e-mails after midnight when they should either be sleeping or having sex with their spouse - that is, if they have a spouse.  I don't have one, but would like one - a spouse that is, not a national debt.  My student loan debt from grad school is weighty enough; I'd rather not take on a national debt as well.  That would suck.

I had a conference call tonight with some very Republican friends.  They are fearful Obama is going to increase our debt even more AND make our nation into a socialist, communist empire.

I listened, and internally acknowledged, we are screwed.  But I don't think we're screwed because of Obama.  I think any of our top leaders would do a sh*tty job in redirecting our nation.  Perhaps because there's not much vision for our nation except for the vision of buying lots of cool stuff and going into debt.

Perhaps if I don't find a spouse in the next few years, I'll run for President instead.  I just need Michigan's football team to have a few good seasons running up to the election because I'll definitely need the Wolverine vote to win.

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