Monday, August 20, 2012

Royal Mail

Today I received a package via Royal Mail from London - as in THE London, England, site of 2012 Summer Olympic Games. 

My yoga instructor and climbing friend Melissa sent me the package and it brightened my day a lot of bit.  She included a yoga DVD and an encouraging note.  THANK YOU Melissa!

Melissa is one of several rad people I had the opportunity to get to know when I joined a rockclimbing gym in Riverside the final four months of my life in Southern California.  I joined the gym partly for a grad school project I was working on at the time.  I had to do some "research" and in the process researching, I ended up with these great friends.  And not only would we climb together, but we'd also go grab a bite to eat together, and have game nights together.  Loooved this group!

Melissa is in the yellow shirt, back right corner.  She was the yoga instructor at the gym, and I'll admit, I hated yoga when I first started.  I didn't think I'd stick with it, but I because I was committed to the people, I did, and soon came to appreciate yoga, and the practice of being still. 

Melissa was also a kick a** climber.  She was much more advanced than me, and when we'd climb together, she'd always push me to try routes I would have never attempted on my own.  It was good though - to be challenged, and to go after something I didn't realize I was capable of on my own, but because someone believed in me, I gave it shot.

Tonight I spent a half hour or so lying on the dock - star gazing.  After a few shooting stars, I considered maybe I should make a wish.  But I didn't, because I only have one, and God already knows what it is.

I texted a West Coast friend to recommend the view, writing "Are the stars out yet in your city?  If yes, you should go & breathe in their beauty - your soul would be thankful if you did."

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