Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Car Give Away

I was tempted to give away my car tonight.  This is a new temptation for me.  And one I wish I could indulge in.
A woman who would not have passed California Baptist University's dress code, struck up a conversation with me as I exited the Adrian Starbucks this evening.  She was outside smoking a cigarette when she caught me with a question en route to my shiny, silver, Corolla Sport.

"Where in California are you from?"  Ah, she had taken note of my license plate.

"Riverside, about an hour East of LA." And then I had to explain my answer further because it wasn't exactly true.  After all, I've lived in New York City the past two years, and originally I'm from Michigan. 

Anyway, the momentum of our conversation continued until she ended up sharing some of the hardships of her less than grandiose life, raising 4 kids as a single mom.  Before we parted ways, she introduced herself - name is Carrie, or perhaps Kari - and pointed out her car, parked next to mine.

"That's my beast."  She explained.  I glanced over to where she waved her cigarette, to see a beat up compact car with only half its paint remaining.  "Anyway, nice meeting you." She threw her cigarette bud to the ground, stomped it out, and started heading towards her car.

"Nice meeting you too."

And we both drove off and as we did I marveled at how different the lives are that we lead.  Her life seemed far rougher than mine and I wished I could somehow make it better.  That's when I considered I'd like to give her my Corolla, and wished I was in the position in which I could.  But I'm not.  I'm unemployed and although I saved up some, I still have $34,000 of Grad School Student Loan debt to pay off.

And so tonight, instead I'll pray.  Dear God, Please help this woman get a better, more reliable car - one she can take pride in calling her own.

God cares about the details of our lives.  He does, I know he does.  If he didn't - welp, He does.  And we'll just leave it at that.

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