Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Lucky

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with sex. 

I learned via twitter today is one of my favorite author's birthday.  To celebrate his birthday I'm recommending you go out and purchase his book turned movie now on DVD - Blue Like Jazz.

I had the opportunity of luck to view the film during the film screening tour this past spring. 

And yes, it truly was luck, according to business leader Jim Collins.  At the Global Leadership Summit, Jim explained to us he did a study on luck and in doing so, he defined luck to be the fulfillment of the following three criteria:

1.       You didn’t cause it
2.       Potentially significant consequence
3.       Some element of unpredictability/surprise

Bill Hybels pointed out to Jim, this same criteria could also be used for miracle - but Jim doesn't believe in the miraculous - yet.  Anyway, in his research, Jim discovered great companies aren’t any luckier than the not so great companies.  But rather, the great companies simply do a much better job of leveraging their luck while the not so great companies tend to squander their luck.

I'm convinced, it was miraculous luck that I got to go the screening.  After all, I already had another work obligation the night of the film, and all the tickets offered to my university had already been dished out, yet somehow how, without me even trying, God worked the "cards" out in my favor and on Thursday, March Something, 2012 ( When was that?) I got to see Blue Like Jazz. 

And not only did I get to see the film, but I also got to exchange a few words with the author of the book - and to my amazement, Donald Miller remembered me.  And that's when I leveraged my luck.

To be perfectly honest,  I didn't want to do the groupie picture thing following the movie, but somehow I got roped into getting this pic taken.  And now, I'm glad I did, because the picture taking turned into conversation, and that conversation turned into drinks on a Saturday night. 

My luck has since then run out, and Don stopped leveraging his, but I'm still thankful for the epic memory of that Saturday night.  And Don, if for some reason you've stumbled upon this blog post - Happy Birthday! 

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