Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Convergence: Transformation Training
September 22-23
Baker Conference Center
Owosso, Michigan

Today, rather than writing, I conference planned.  The good news is, this conference planning work will eventually translate into free housing for me in the Upper West Side of Manhattan this fall - right near Central Park.  The bad news is, no new nonsense from me today.

Sorry if you feel cheated.  Or perhaps I'm cheating myself.  Hmmm...

Maybe I should write something... all this talk of cheating is making me think of my deepest, darkest sins.  I have 3. 

1.  I use to do drugs - Flinstone Vitamins, the chewable kind.  I'd pop the pills while hiding underneath our family's piano when I was 3 or 4.  They were yummy and I only ODed once.

2. I shoplifted once.  I stole some orange tic tacs while waiting in line with my mom at the grocery store.  When we returned home, I hid in the bathroom, eating each tic tac, one by one, until they were all gone.

3.  I cut the hair off my sister's Brooke Shields Barbie Doll.  I hid in my parents' closet with a pair of scissors and gave Brooke a butch cut.  My sister was not pleased. 

Funny how hiding and sin go hand in hand.   

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