Friday, August 17, 2012


I received this FB comment this evening:

Coach K! Amy, Haley, Emily and I are all talking about how we used to go to your house when we were younger for youth group...what did we call it? We cannot think of what it was called for the life of us.

Another gal answered the question before I had the opportunity - Club. 
But I also responded, "awh!  miss you girls.  yes, club is what we called it... & we were considered wyldlife, which is the junior high division of young life... loooved the time i was able to share with you all :)

For some reason it is encouraging to me that these girls, now in their twenties, are sitting around on a Friday night talking about an experience I help create.  It makes me think my time in Onsted investing in students' lives was somehow worth it.  And that I was somehow able to encourage these gals in the ways of Jesus.

Tonight must be the night of Young Life talk because later in the evening I joined the guys down at the beach for a bonfire and we got talking about Young Life at their school.  They explained to me how Young Life experienced a ton of growth, but then it rapidly dissolved when their main leader, who was married to a teacher, had an affair.

It makes me wonder how many of those students at that school gave up on the message of Jesus when they discovered the person delivering the message of Jesus had chosen the path of infidelity.  It makes me wonder how many people, in general, have given up on the Christian faith because someone they trusted and respected turned out to be less than credible by their actions. 

It's no wonder the Christian faith has plummeted in the US over the past 30 years. 

Although, former students of mine may give up on the Christian religion, I pray that I will always be someone they can believe in.

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