Thursday, August 23, 2012


Several years ago, when I was still living and working out in So Cal, I led a team of students on a Spring Break trip to NYC.  While we were there we partnered with a church and they gave us random work projects to complete - such as moving stuff, cleaning stuff, going ikea runs, and my team's least favorite activity - handing out cards to random people on the streets of NYC to help get the word out about their church. 

One night, rather than handing out cards about the church, they had us hand out cards promoting the album release of the guitar player who worked at the church.  I thought this assignment was slightly questionable, but since I was so good at handing out cards, I didn't object. 

To clarify, what I mean by good, is that people would actually take the cards from me, rather than blow me off as they passed by me on the streets.

So my team headed up to Times Square and at our assigned corners we handed out cards to all the tourists passing by, promoting the tunes of Paul Ramey.  (Who has since moved from New York to Portland to serve as the worship leader at a church called Imago Dei.)

Most people passed by rather quickly, but there was one man, who paused for a brief conversation.  I remember him saying, "You're too beautiful to be handing out that shit."  I replied with a shrug and a smile, and he continued on, "What, haven't you been discovered yet?  I really don't get why someone like you would be doing what you're doing."

I don't recall how I responded to his questioning, but for some reason his words stuck with me - this idea of being discovered sounded ridiculous, yet completely dreamy at the same time.

The reason I mention this is because today it hit me - I have been discovered.  6 years ago someone discovered me as a writer.  For the longest time, I thought Donald Miller, had discovered me as a writer.  But in actuality, it wasn't Don.  I learned this past year that it was Don's good friend Jordan who found me and brought my writing to Don's attention.

Yesterday I found Jordan on facebook and wrote,

well, if i'm piecing this together correctly, you are the one who first brought my writing to don's attention. and because of that, 6 years ago he wrote me an encouraging e-mail, affirming me in my writing. and because of that e-mail (which i still have), i'm now nearing the completion of my first book.
so jordan, although we've never met, i want to THANK YOU for the role you have played in my writing journey!

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