Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saying Goodbye

This morning a dear family friend passed away, not even a week after her 84th birthday celebration.  My own grandmothers passed away before I had the opportunity to get to know them, but I did have the opportunity to get to know this lovely lady - Anna Pennington.

My interaction with Anna this past September was minimal, but in December she was well enough to hold a conversation.  She remembered my name after I prompted her with a clue.  "I'm Dick and Bettina's daughter." 

"Katrina!"  She proudly exclaimed.  Anna's memory at that point in time wasn't the greatest, so even I was amazed she was able to recall my name correctly.

I told Anna about moving to New York and working in the Empire State Building.  And then she wanted to know if there was a man in my life and insisted I invite her to my wedding.  I regret I won't be able to invite her to my wedding, but I trust she's enjoying the celebration of being in the presence of our Lord - a far grander celebration than any earthly wedding feast.

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