Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celebrity Dating

I've never dated a celebrity, but I did somewhat date a guy, who prior to me was seeing a girl who had dated George Clooney.  I find it fascinating that I'm two degrees away from having kissed a celebrity.  Not that I would want to kiss George - he's too old for my liking, but there is something intriguing about celebrity circles, and I'm dumbfounded that I could be so near to something that use to seem so far away.

Today I hung out with a friend of mine who has been on several dates with a celebrity I use to watch on television as a little girl.  The show: Who's the Boss.  Yep, my friend has been out with Tony Danza on more than one occasion.  She says he's a great guy, but like George (age 51), Tony (age 61) is probably a bit too old for anything substantive to form between the two of them.

Charity:Water Ball Dec 2011 * Katrina Blank and Kari
I thought of my friend and Tony when  I was recently out in Hollywood.  I made my friend Sarah pause to take a picture when I noticed Tony's star beneath our feet.

After hanging out with my friend Kari, and meeting her new, attractive guy roommate, I picked up my friend Sally Ann from the Times Square area.  Sally Ann is a model, an opera singer, and always a good time.  She and I drove up to the 180s, where we stopped in at a friend's birthday party, before heading back to her place to crash for the night.  Sally Ann and I met on a ski/snowboarding trip to Vermont a couple of winters ago, and we bonded further over a Halloween Party in Soho last fall.  You'll be able to read all about that night, along with my dating life for my first two years in NYC in my second book titled My Second Hottest Guy Friend

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