Thursday, April 19, 2012

Special Mission

My special agent friend keeps trying to convince me that I should go into special agenting.  I've given the idea some serious consideration (just like I've given some serious consideration to selling my eggs, or becoming a surragate mother); however I fear I wouldn't be a very good special agent  I think I could pass all the physcial fitness requirements, and even the car test, but the shooting?  I never excelled at the riflery range at camp when I was a kid, so I'm skeptical...

But why I bring u 

Tonight at the Empire State Building we discussed an upcoming special mission that I'm a part of - which, to be honest, I didn't realize until tonight how special (and somewhat secretive) this mission actually is...  Several years ago I went on another special mission in east asia.

and secretive, until someone used the word

After looking it up on

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