Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Book

A former student of mine recently asked me how my book is coming along.  My response: slowly, but surely.

I'm currently reworking the overview of my book, so this is far from final, but here's the blurb that will soon appear in the Empire State Tribune:

Meanwhile, from our Student Development team, Resident Director Katrina Blank is writing a book called I Hate Books on Christian Dating – I promise this isn’t one.  So no, the book isn’t about dating, but rather it’s about trying to make sense of who God is after years of being bogged down by religious messages.  In this memoir Katrina wrestles with God, rediscovering who he is and learning to trust him again.  Filled with humor and raw honesty, this entertaining read is geared for twenty - and thirty – somethings who are questioning God, his voice, his character, and what is and what is not true.

Katrina anticipates finishing the book this year and then touring with it to college campuses across the US fall of 2013.        

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