Saturday, April 14, 2012

HaHa, as in Funny

I got in a discussion some time ago between the use of Ha Ha in texting and messaging vs the use of LOL.  A guy friend of mine (I think an ex-boyfriend or fling), insisted that Ha Ha is more manly than LOL. 

I had another ex-boyfriend/fling insist that drinking out of a straw is less manly than picking up a cup and drinking directly out of it.  Typically he'd still use a straw when eating fast food, but whenever he was presented with a straw in a sit down restaurant, he opted out of straw usage for the sake of manliness.  And wow - was I impressed by his ability to raise and lower that heavy glass of soda up to his mouth and set it back on the table again. 

But back to funny. 

Recently I coworker of mine (Ray East) shared with me that the average child laughs about 400 times a day, while the average adult only laughs about 14.  I shared this fun "fact" with my parents on our taxi ride home this evening and my Dad insisted that he and my mom laugh much more than the average.  He continued on, pointing out that Zach (my brother-in-law) noticed that about our family - we laugh a lot.

The question now I'm wondering, is it nature or nuture, that my brother, sister, and I also laugh more than the average adult?

I remember going to see the movie Titanic with my brother when it first opened in theaters years ago.  My brother, who is/was voted class clown by his classmates, provided additional commentary as we watched the movie.  In leaving the theater, I remember being particularly confused - trying to understand why so many of the movie viewers had shed tears throughout the film.  With my brother feeding me lines throughout the film, I left feeling like I had watched some sort of romantic comedy rather than a romantic tragedy.

Anyway, all that to say, my family is funny, we laugh more than the average, and humor is one of my core values.

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