Saturday, April 28, 2012

Called to Someone

This afternoon I attended a women's event put on by my church.  I anticipated the programming content to be cheesy, yet despite my skeptism I chose to go for the sole purpose of connecting with other women at my church.

And to my surprise, the content was substantive and not the same 'ole same 'ole of what you'd expect for a women's gathering on identity and who we are in Christ.

In fact, I was impressed with the speaker who didn't focus so much on body image, as she did on the pressure to excel in all areas of life in NYC.  She cautioned the us to not wrap our identity up in the work that we do, or the man that we date/marry, or in security.

My favorite line:

"Nothing is guaranteed for anyone in this life - and nothing is permanent." ~Esther (not the one from the Bible, but rather our speaker for the afternoon.)
I shared with the NYU students sitting at my table a quote that is pinned up on my cubicle at work. - You are called to someone not something.

This evening I found this quote on Michael Perry's Blog.

“God’s will is more about who we are than what we do or where we go. Being always precedes doing.” Enoch Olson, SpringHill’s Founding Director

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