Friday, April 13, 2012

Special Brownies

Over dinner this evening...

Me: Mom, what do you think of when I say party brownies?
Mom: High school - and the brownies I use to make for you.
Me: Mom, do you know what special brownies are?
Mom: You mean the kind with applesauce?

Dad returns from the restroom.

Me: Dad, do, you know what special brownies are?

My parents are here for a visit this weekend. Neither of them have been in the city since the 1960s. And when my roommate asked them what they want to see when they're here, they said me. :) And so yes, they are seeing me, but I'm also seeing to it that they are experiencing much of the greatness that New York has to offer.

And this evening, although it's the opening night of Blue Like Jazz, rather than watching it, we went to a Jazz club in Greenwich Village where my dad was mesmerized by the music, and my mom was mesmerized by her key lime martini.

After I put them to bed, I headed out to Brookyln for the final hour of an event...

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