Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The D Drop

This year I celebrated New Years in the motor city.  Detroit isn't one of my choice cities, but it's a quicker drive to there than to all the other New Year's Eve invites I had receieved.  LA, New York, Chicago, and Brazil are a bit far away for my Corolla's liking. 

One of my guy friends from college is back in the states after a 3 month stint working for the UN in Italy.  His mission in life is to combat poverty and has decided to make to Detroit his starting place.  I met up with him and a bunch of his friends at Fountain Bistro, located adjacent to the downtown's skating rink.

Just before midnight we headed outside to watch the D (for Detroit) drop.  It was anticlimatic - as New Years typically is...however, we had been given some great noise makers, and took full advantage of the opportunity to be obnoxious with them, given the occassion.  It was great.

We warmed back up at the Fountain Bistro, celebrating the beginning of 2013 with cheers and a drink.  Then a little later on we headed over to Lafayette Coney Island to give our stomachs a fill.  It was packed, like Katz's Deli in New York is at 4 in the morning. 

(*Many in this group are a part of a church called Woodside. I'm amazed at the hearts they have for this city.)

Following the coney dogs, I drove Matt back to his loft a couple miles yonder from where we had watched the D drop.  Apparently the film The 5 Year Engagement shot many of its scenes in the loft the floor below him.  I still need to watch that movie just to see and to say, yes, I was there too once.

I wrap this New Year's entry up with my yesterday's tweet:
today someone told me, "the odds are against you." inside my heart replied, "yes, but my God is for me." nothing is too far-fetched for Him

Bring it 2013!!!  Let the year begin!

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